Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We Love Christmas Break!

After working our tails off for a couple of weeks, trying to get ready for Christmas -with family- at our house, we have finally begun to relax!

Our living room feels cozy...
DSC05348 has even been cold enough for a few fires lately.

Christmas morning was super-fun with lots of family around to make it exciting. Quite a change for us, since Christmas morning is usually just the 5 of us.

We got a whopper of a gift from Wonderwoman and Grandpa...

Can you see what it was?

A Wii. After a couple of years playing online computer games, we were finally ready to take the plunge.

And this is where you can find the boys, almost all day long... (hooray for Christmas break...boy, are those kids going to have an adjustment when we get back to school...)

We did some things to make our "game room" more comfortable. Rearranged furniture, did a little decorating, and set up a new "entertainment center".


Tim rigged our little chest of drawers by taking out the top 2 drawers, sawing out the front middle section and the back, and laying a new shelf. Now all our equipment fits there, making room for our fun new TV...(a splurge of saved-up birthday and Christmas money from the last couple years)

We're still working on the final product, but are really, really enjoying our "new" room.

Even Indi is enjoying it, when the heater is turned on. Being the coldest room in the house, we keep a little space-heater running when we are down there.


William and I like it, too...

Here's a couple of other random Christmas day pictures:



Therapy News

Trevor finished his 30 Day therapy program yesterday! Woo-Hoo! He won't have his final re-evaluation until the end of January, but in the meantime I am watching him to see what I can see.

I think Trevor seems calmer. It is hard to tell, because we are not in our normal routine right now. I am excited to get back to school, if only to see more of Trevor in our "control" setting...i.e. "normal".

It seems like Trevor is still waking up better...and being less wobbly and wild when he gets up. He is still Trevor, but maybe a little toned-down.

He is definitely following instructions better. I can tell him to do something, and now there is a pretty good chance of it getting done. For instance, yesterday when I was done eating my breakfast, I told Trevor that when he was done eating he needed to meet me upstairs to do therapy. And, he did! In the past, he may, or may not, have finished his breakfast, and certainly would not have come up to do therapy...he would have gone and started playing. But, now he can remember what he needs to do, and he can do it. Bonus: this week he has been the most consistent out of the boys to put up his dishes after he eats!

I think he has also been less irritable with the brothers. It's hard to measure, but this seems better.

A lot of the things that Trevor has been doing well are things that an 8 year old should be able to do...but that have just been really hard for Trevor. I feel like he may be catching up, even if it is a little bit.

As for Tim and William, they went to Bham yesterday to see if they were making any progress. Mr. Snider said Tim was making good in, his visual field is opening up significantly. So, Tim will just keep doing what he has been. (Tim really can't tell that anything has changed...but, then, Tim didn't really notice that anything was wrong in the first place. I think the whole "field of vision" thing is a really subconscious thing.)

William, however, has shown no progress. That is disappointing. Mr. Snider really seems to think that William has multi-sensory issues, and needs to do the same therapy that Trevor did. For now, William is going to add one new light color=10 mins of green and 10 mins of red once a day. I really hope that this takes care of it, though I also pray that if he needs that other therapy, that God will lead us there. My time in Bham with Trevor was great, but if we can avoid that intense process with William, it sure would be great.

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