Sunday, June 6, 2010

s-l-o-w down...and hurry up!

A little "someone" at our house needs to get a speeding ticket.

2nd Tooth

Samuel is trying to grow up w-a-y too fast.


Poor Samuel. He eagerly put his 2nd tooth under his pillow...but...the Tooth Fairy forgot to do her thing. When Sam came in to see me the next morning (Saturday=I was still in bed...) he didn't say a thing about his tooth. But, I remembered with a shock. I waited for him to move off to do something else, then snuck into his room to do some cover-up work for the TF. I went and found Sam, and asked about if he checked under his pillow. He said he did already, and there was nothing there. (Ugh...) I suggested he double check, and he said, "I aw-weddy saw you go in my woom, mom...I know yoow the Toof Faiwy." (dang-it!). Well, he went and found the quarter, and was moderately excited. Oh well.

Sam is growing too fast, and I am unpacking too slow.

Tim has made some nice progress on the house, though... Some before and after photos would be nice, but I don't have any after pictures yet. How about some in-progress pictures?



Tim has put in new floor (which you can't see) and some new cabinets...




We needed a place for games, so we put in the bookcases and rolled out some carpet remnants in the "future bathroom". It will do for now...

Temporary Game Storage



It looks like a craft and school supply bomb went off in the school room. The boys are already getting a lot of use out of the room, and I can tell it will be one of my favorite rooms in the house. It is bright and sunny! And messy!

School Room

I'm going to go rejoin the fam...we have been taking it easy today:

Game Time