Sunday, September 11, 2011

September... my new favorite month.

We have just had the most glorious week and a half of weather. It was so refreshing to my soul. God is so good to have given us seasons. Winter is coming, I know it is, and I almost can't wait. But I know from past experience that by the end of winter I will be soooo glad it's over. I'll be longing for summer. I guess I'm fickle...but I also guess that means I can take fresh delight in old things over and over.

I had a rapturous encounter with a glass of orange juice this week. I try to drink some every's on my pregnancy dietary plan. But one day, in a moment of peace and quiet, I drank it slowly. I savored every swallow. I let the sweetness roll over my tongue...and how I praised Jesus. My, he did a fine job when he created the orange. Moments like that make me long all the more for heaven.

But...enough of my mooning about September and OJ.

What's new...

It's soccer season again!

We had 3 weeks of practice--3 nights a week. Then last Tuesday Samuel kicked off the game season with Team Fury.

It was pretty fun to watch. He reminded us a good bit of Trevor during his first year.

Samuel's first game: (he's #9)

One of Trevor's first games--he's on the orange team:
Trev - running

Actually, I think Trevor is just running 'cause everyone else is running, and Samuel is running because he's supposed to.

Here's Trevor now:

And William:

And a nice one of them together:

Trevor is on the Chargers again. It sure is nice having Trevor and William on the same team. If they all play next year, we will have 3 teams to juggle. Plus, we'll have a baby. I'm going to enjoy every minute of this soccer season!

Friday night we wanted to do something fun...and since it was so nice outside we decided to have an al fresco steak dinner (with our delicious organic Nebraska beef). But by the time we sat down to eat it was dark. So, we ate in the dark. :) the stars were coming out, and before long the moon was up.

William, always the one with a creative idea (last week he wanted to do a wood painting project--it had been "burning in his heart" all week. Burning in his heart?? Where does he get this stuff??) decided it would be good fun to get out the telescope. And he did. All 50 pieces of it. Ok, maybe it was only 15 pieces...but he did it. And Tim proved yet again what a good daddy he is. He helped put it together, set it up, and got it focused on the moon.



I think he enjoyed it as much as the kids.

I had made some strawberry shortcakes, and we had those for dessert. I made them with the recipe off my Bisquick box.

You can get the recipe HERE.
Picture 4

Anyway, all that to say that while we were eating our dessert (the shortcakes + thawed out strawberries from our freezer + vanilla creamer--a good substitute for Cool Whip) Trevor shared that this was probably his best day this year: he loves to eat outside at night, he loves to look in the telescope, and he loves when we have good dessert. Yea, baby, fill up my Mommy Tank. Fill 'er up. :)

Anyone need to run out any buy them some Bisquick??

Okay. Last story.

Our friends Pete and Caitlin crashed our house yesterday to have a car cleaning party. Here's some pictures:




This is their daughter Claira...




Claira liked the soap sudds. She had fun smearing them anywhere she could reach...


Trevor really didn't like getting messy. He didn't like getting wet, and he didn't like that the grass stuck to his wet feet, and he tried to keep as grass-free as possible.

The other boys didn't care as much...

DSC_0532's to hoping that September ends as blissfully as it started... :)