Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Third Month

Finally! Here's some pictures of our new kitchen!
Remember how it used to look?



We are really enjoying the kitchen. That pass-through wall in the middle that used to be there was not exactly conducive for conversation. :) We love to hang out around the island, and we've been eating in the kitchen for every meal since Tim has torn into the dinning room. One of these days he'll get around to painting and laying floor in there... but first he has to reach a stopping place on another project: the tree house!

Last weekend we hung our new zip line! It runs from the "tree-bridge" to another tree about 90 feet away. Some day I'll try to get some really good pictures, but for now you can see these:

You can see the "tree-bridge" in the back ground. That's the launching place.

See Sam standing on the rail to get started? Well...that worked for one day...until the rail broke. Now Tim and the boys have to get things built a bit better. They just got back from a Lowe's run for supplies.

So, you may have noticed Zack in his walker...
His feet barely touch the ground...
...but he likes to play in it. He especially likes to be pushed around in it. :) Thankfully he has 3 very obliging brothers...
He also likes to play on the floor...
being held...
and of course swinging and sitting in his bumbo. He has started grabbing toys, and really loves his stuffed animals.
He is so sweet, and keeps us very entertained. He had a 2-5/8 month check up...he is healthy finally. No thrush, no reflux, and only a little eczema. He weighed 14 lbs and was 25 inches long.

He still eats every 2 hours, all day long...and every hour in the evening. But it is worth it...he "sleeps" from 9 p.m. to about 6 a.m. every night. I say "sleeps" because I do have to pop his pacifier back in his mouth every couple hours. He takes half a dozen naps each day, and knows when I'm taking him upstairs for one. At first he would cry when I took him in my room to lay him down, but now he cries as I'm walking up the stairs to the room. When he's sleepy, he cries na na na. It makes us laugh. He seems to like to watch TV already...he especially enjoyed AFV last Sunday. :) He really enjoys people...seems like the more people, the better. He even cried once this week when his granddad tried to hand him back to me.

It is so amazing to me how much the boys love him. I was afraid that they would be jealous of all time he takes from me, In fact, they say they want more kids. Ha!

The boys and I were discussing who Zack looks like, and each boys thinks he looks like themself. It's pretty cute. I think he has William's eyes, and Samuel's chin. I mentioned that Trevor had a very round face as a baby, William's was more oval, and Sam's was square. Trevor said that Zack didn't have any of those...

I asked, "Well, what kind of head do you think he has?"
Reply: "I think is is shaped like a muffin."

Wha-at? A muffin? Muffin?!

We got a good laugh out of that. We call Zack Muffin now.

Trevor's really been on a roll this week. Here's another gem:

Scene: Me- washing dishes
Trevor- eating breakfast at the island

Trevor: What if someone didn't have any knees...
Me: Hm-mmm.
Trevor: That would be as bad as not having any milk. Can I please have some?

Oh dear.

William and Samuel have been having a great time playing outside with their new spy gear, etc. They have been making a fire pit on our driveway with cinder blocks that they "found all around our yard". I'll have to snag a picture. Here's how I found Samuel dressed at lunch the other day...
One Cool Cat.

Gotta run. Hopefully I'll be back before another month goes by!