Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's Mother's Day again!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  You know you are 75% of the reason I blog, so how could I skip posting one on Mom's Day???

We've been busy. Here's a dump of photos to remember what we've been up to. You've probably seen all these pictures already, but it's still fun to see them all together...

We took the kids to a rock and gem show. That was a big hit. It was so fun to observe the boys checking out rocks. They knew what tons of them were. I was quite impressed. They came home loaded down with purchases. 

Zack has been busy getting into things as usual. He has finally started talking a little. He can say Mama!, Dada!, fish (ish!), ice!, cheese (eese!), choo choo!, boo boo, and no no. Yes, most of those he says with energy, hence the ! marks. Boo boo and no no are more serious words for him :)

He got a hair cut, but still has lots of curls. 

Tim and I took a much-needed trip to the lake (by ourselves) to celebrate our 12th anniversary. We read, watched a couple movies and canoed. 

(I love you, Tim. Thanks for taking me out!)

More Zack pictures. He has discovered the garden hose, and he loves it. BTW, that is one of those pocket hoses. I got mine at Walmart and really like it. I'm pretty sure you can get them cheaper through that tv offer. 

Tim is teaching Zack to grill...

We had our first-ever-sleepover. It was a success, I guess!  The kids had a blast, even though they only slept from 12-5 a.m.  Tim and I are still recovering. We picked up donuts in the morning--what a treat. This was like zacks second donut ever. 

We went and had a picnic at the botanical gardens today. It was so nice. 

Thank you, God, for my delightful children!!  (Well, delightful most of the time...:). It is such a blessing to be a mother!