Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We Love Christmas Break!

After working our tails off for a couple of weeks, trying to get ready for Christmas -with family- at our house, we have finally begun to relax!

Our living room feels cozy...
DSC05348 has even been cold enough for a few fires lately.

Christmas morning was super-fun with lots of family around to make it exciting. Quite a change for us, since Christmas morning is usually just the 5 of us.

We got a whopper of a gift from Wonderwoman and Grandpa...

Can you see what it was?

A Wii. After a couple of years playing online computer games, we were finally ready to take the plunge.

And this is where you can find the boys, almost all day long... (hooray for Christmas break...boy, are those kids going to have an adjustment when we get back to school...)

We did some things to make our "game room" more comfortable. Rearranged furniture, did a little decorating, and set up a new "entertainment center".


Tim rigged our little chest of drawers by taking out the top 2 drawers, sawing out the front middle section and the back, and laying a new shelf. Now all our equipment fits there, making room for our fun new TV...(a splurge of saved-up birthday and Christmas money from the last couple years)

We're still working on the final product, but are really, really enjoying our "new" room.

Even Indi is enjoying it, when the heater is turned on. Being the coldest room in the house, we keep a little space-heater running when we are down there.


William and I like it, too...

Here's a couple of other random Christmas day pictures:



Therapy News

Trevor finished his 30 Day therapy program yesterday! Woo-Hoo! He won't have his final re-evaluation until the end of January, but in the meantime I am watching him to see what I can see.

I think Trevor seems calmer. It is hard to tell, because we are not in our normal routine right now. I am excited to get back to school, if only to see more of Trevor in our "control" setting...i.e. "normal".

It seems like Trevor is still waking up better...and being less wobbly and wild when he gets up. He is still Trevor, but maybe a little toned-down.

He is definitely following instructions better. I can tell him to do something, and now there is a pretty good chance of it getting done. For instance, yesterday when I was done eating my breakfast, I told Trevor that when he was done eating he needed to meet me upstairs to do therapy. And, he did! In the past, he may, or may not, have finished his breakfast, and certainly would not have come up to do therapy...he would have gone and started playing. But, now he can remember what he needs to do, and he can do it. Bonus: this week he has been the most consistent out of the boys to put up his dishes after he eats!

I think he has also been less irritable with the brothers. It's hard to measure, but this seems better.

A lot of the things that Trevor has been doing well are things that an 8 year old should be able to do...but that have just been really hard for Trevor. I feel like he may be catching up, even if it is a little bit.

As for Tim and William, they went to Bham yesterday to see if they were making any progress. Mr. Snider said Tim was making good in, his visual field is opening up significantly. So, Tim will just keep doing what he has been. (Tim really can't tell that anything has changed...but, then, Tim didn't really notice that anything was wrong in the first place. I think the whole "field of vision" thing is a really subconscious thing.)

William, however, has shown no progress. That is disappointing. Mr. Snider really seems to think that William has multi-sensory issues, and needs to do the same therapy that Trevor did. For now, William is going to add one new light color=10 mins of green and 10 mins of red once a day. I really hope that this takes care of it, though I also pray that if he needs that other therapy, that God will lead us there. My time in Bham with Trevor was great, but if we can avoid that intense process with William, it sure would be great.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

All I Want for Christmas... my 3 front teeth!

Can you believe this little boy?? I can't remember if I mentioned that Sam lost a tooth while Trevor and I were out of town...maybe I did. But, he has also lost another since we have been home!!! This one dangled for a couple days...very unusual for Samuel. He wanted me to pull it, and I tried, but I couldn't get it out. It always makes me a little queasy to try to pull a tooth.

We call Samuel Toothless now.

Therapy Day 21
Trevor did 12 days of therapy in Birmingham, and now we are working on the 18 days of home therapy.

Here's where we do the therapy...

Yep...we do it right there in our closet.

It's cozy.

Trevor stares at this light for 20 mins in the morning, and 20 mins at bedtime...

It slowly brightens and dims, on and off about every 10 seconds or so. We have been listening to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea...the unabridged version. I read that book a year or so ago, and thought that Trevor would like it. If you have ever read it, you know that it is a s-l-o-w book with lots of h-u-m-o-n-g-o-u-s words, both scientific and descriptive. But, whenever I ask Trevor if he wants to switch books, he says No, I like it! If you haven't read it, don't...listen to it. With all those huge words, listening is way easier!

I think I have finally seen some progress in Trevor. When I try to explain what I've seen it sounds so silly and insignificant. But, it's not insignificant to's huge.

Before therapy, one of the hardest parts of our daily life was getting ready for school in the morning. Maybe it's hard for every family, I don't know. But in our family, it is hair-pulling frustrating.

As poorly as William sleeps, he always pops out of bed around 6 or 6:30. He's chipper and ready to start the day.

Trevor, on the other hand, has a hard time getting going. He has an alarm clock, and when it goes off...nothing happens. Pretty much the only reason I set it is to remind me to go in and wake Trevor up (and Samuel, too, because he sleeps through it, also). Trevor can sleep through that thing for 10 or more minutes, no problem. I can go in, shake him, open the shades, uncover him, and if I go back out before he's out of his bed, he'll fall right back asleep.

Once we finally get Trevor up and going, I have to check on him over and over again to make sure he is getting the things done that he needs to. He has a chart in his room of pictures of all the things he needs to do: make bed, get dressed, put pjs away, comb hair, do chore, feed fish. He has never been able to just do what he needs to do without thinking.

I know, I'm sure it's hard for lots of kids. But for this's extra, extra difficult.


This week, Trevor got up on his own.

That is HUGE!

Monday, Tim went and got Trevor going so we could get our morning therapy done.

Tuesday, I went to get Trevor going so we could do therapy, and when I went in his room, about 2 minutes after his alarm went off, he was climbing out of his bed, which he had already made, and he was dressed! (Pause, and imagine you can hear the Hallelujah Chorus...)

It gets better. Trevor was wearing a sweat shirt and sweat pants...which he knows he can't wear for school. Right away he asked if he could wear his sweats, and I told him he could during breakfast, but he needed to put on jeans after he ate.

When I went up to check on him when I was done cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast, I fully expected him to be sitting on his floor playing, or standing on the stairs daydreaming, like he does almost every day.


He was coming out of the bathroom where he had been brushing his teeth, and he had jeans and socks and shoes on!!!

I wish you could understand how huge that was.

Wednesday and Thursday he did equally well...woke up, and got dressed all on his own. Too bad, Friday was a day off school, and he didn't have his alarm set. I am so eager to see if this is a new trend for us, or if it was just a fluke.

I feel pretty sure that the improvement is directly related to the therapy, and it gives me hope that more things could change.

Trevor is still Trevor, though. And he's still silly and he's still irritable. He has cried several times, at his wits end with Samuel's snorting. Oh Father, please help Samuel get better from this cold!

Therapy day 4
What? You thought we were on day 21? Well...we are! But we are also on day 4.

On Thursday, Tim and William drove up to B-ham to get equipment and instructions for their home therapy program! It's like the Tolleson Therapy Center around here!

Here's the unit Tim and William use...

William's light is green. He looks at it for 20 minutes. Tim has both red and for 10 mins, then green for 10 mins. They both do it once a day. Their light doesn't go on and off, it is just a steady light. Trevor thought that sounded really boring. (Yeh, Trevor, your's is so much more interesting...)

Their therapy should last 2-3 months, and should open up their visual fields. They have to go back in about a week to make sure it's working. There should be a measurable difference by then.

So, bedtime has a new twist to it.

I sit with William for his therapy for 20 minutes. We listen to a the Sign of the Beaver on tape. Tim gets Trevor and Samuel ready for bed.

Then, I sit with Trevor for 20 minutes, while Tim reads Where the Red Fern Grows to William and Samuel.

And then, while Tim does his 20 mins, I tuck in all the kids!


Bye-Bye Buddy.


Sweet Buddy. We finally found a new home for him.


A friend saw my plea for help on Facebook, and knew of someone who might want a puppy.


"Tiny" is a janitor at our friend's church. He was so pleased with Buddy, and went on and on about how much his little girl was going to LOVE him. In that picture, Buddy had been trying to lick Tiny's face. I think Buddy was a little worried, but he did okay.

It was hard to let him go, but it has been a relief also. Whenever I'm tempted to worry about how Buddy is doing, I try to pray for him, and for his new family.

Deck the Halls...


We have been busy little bees around here, getting ready for Christmas, and for our 2 day visit with my mom and dad, and Kim and Miles. They are all coming through on their way to Orlando where we will join them for a fun-filled week.

Here's a sneak peak of what we have accomplished...



We can't wait for them to get here!

Wonderwoman sent a little Christmas fun...



That started a puzzle extravaganza...we had about 10-15 kid puzzles in our entry way for most of a week. It was a good way to keep them busy!


Merry Christmas!


I have been enjoying Christmas this year. Of course, I am distracted, and busy, and sometimes discouraged...but Jesus keeps pulling my heart towards him.

Come, my long-expected Jesus! We're waiting for you!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 12 (!)


What a relief to be home, safe and sound, with all that adventure behind us. And what an adventure it was. I'm so glad that my only regret was not taking more pictures of Trevor and I together. I mean, that's a pretty minor regret...don't you think? Trevor doesn't regret it at all. He can't understand why I care that we have pictures of us together. Funny.

So, all 12 days of our out-of-town part of therapy are done. But never fear...the drama isn't! We still have 18 (!) days of home therapy to go!!! Phew! I counted up the total hours we have ahead of us...20 minutes per session, 2 times per day, for 18 days makes...(I believe) 12 hours of therapy. (I haven't been the sharpest knife in the drawer, correct me if my math was wrong.)

12 hours! Here's what our next step looks like: We have a portable light box that is about the size of, oh, I don't know...a kleenex box...and we will plug it in and flip the switch, and Trevor will stare at it. Pretty simple. We have to do this in a totally dark room, first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. Trevor can sit in my lap, or by himself. We can talk, or listen to music or a book on tape. I'm thinking a book on tape sounds like a fantastic way to pass the time, and help us look forward to it. We could listen to a looonngg book with 12 hours to kill!

I'm glad we have more to do. I have to admit, even with my low expectations (or so I thought) I am a little disheartened that I didn't see more change in Trevor. But, I'm trying to keep my chin up, and trust my Father, and keep on praying for what's best for Trevor...(but please, God, let it be know...wonderful!)

It was hard to say good-bye to Pop-B and Linnie today. They were so good to us, and we had so much fun with them. What a peaceful home, and a loving couple. We took some last-day pictures...

of us...

and them...

Aren't they precious??

Then, after many hugs and "Love You"s we hit the road.

After our morning session, we headed to the...

Trevor had finally had enough of the McWane's Center, and wanted to see a museum.

The museum host, or attendant, or whatever, pretty much scared me out of taking pictures, there were so many rules and restrictions. I did take a couple in the lobby, though.

Here's where Trevor wanted to take a picture:

And here's where I wanted to take one:

Neither one showed anything at all of the cool museum. Can you tell I have little-to-no practice with the take-your-own picture technique? Any tips, all you good picture takers? Kim?

Anyway, we had a good time. Trevor showed quite a bit of interest in many of the art pieces. I tried to skip the rooms that had big paintings of naked women :) but we couldn't avoid them entirely. More prominent were the many statues and paintings of naked men! At first Trevor was a bit surprised and confused by that, but then he just started ignoring them. Aaahhh...a sweet little trip to the art museum. :) (I wonder if they do school field trips there? and how does that work???)

At Trevor's last session, I finally took a picture of him in his therapy room...

He liked his therapy...

When he came out, I asked him what he thought about being all done, and he wasn't too sure...

After contemplating for awhile, he said he was glad we were going home, but he was sad that he wouldn't see Pop B and Linnie, or Ms. Erica, for a couple of months. I'm glad he enjoyed them so much!

It was SO good to get back. Tim had popcorn and smoothies going (even though it's not Sunday), and he showed me around the house, to see all the work he did while I was gone. (The funny thing about that is, he had to SHOW me, because I am SO not observant. We went in the bathroom, which he had done TONS of work to, and, no kidding, it took me like 15 minutes to realize that he had taken down the nasty plastic accordion-style shower doors, and put up a curtain rod. Good grief!!)

Buddy is probably 3 times a large as he was when I left, and was SO happy to see me. Sweet as it was that he remembered me, I can't wait to have him gone. It is just too hard on my heart to have him around, knowing we can't keep him.

SO! This ends the daily-posting-frenzy that I have been on! I'll probably go back to my weekly posts, unless something really, really exciting happens. It's one thing to stay up late and blog when it's just me and Trevor, but it's another thing when my best friend is chillin' out, reading a good book in a nice cozy bed, and I'm sitting alone with a nosy cat in my chair, and freezing my feet off under a desk.

In closing, we really, really appreciate all the prayers and encouragement we have received from so many people!...our friends, our families, our families' friends, our friends' families, and our church. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! We are so blessed!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 11

I am one happy momma.

~Trevor slept great last night. Hooray for modern medicine, and for friends that can prescribe it.

~We have 3 leads on the dog. (Umm...potential families, that is, not leashes.) May Buddy become a blessing to some sweet family.

~And, we have only ONE day left!!!

I have loved EVERY minute of our stay at the Bs house, (just one in the world does one make an initial plural??? B-es's? B's? Bs'?...)

...and I have loved almost every minute of my excersions with sweet little Trevor.

...and I have loved many of my minutes doing all kinds of other random things, like driving through fall-colored hills (but not having almost-car-wrecks), relaxing and reading my book in my car (which I did about 3 times, not 24 times I thought I would) and talking on the phone with my hold-down-the-fort husband (but not making frantic phone calls to the newspaper, vet and humane society looking for a home for Buddy. Did you know the humane society has a several-month-long waiting list?).

Today Trevor was feeling much better, so we went to...

It finally dawned on me today that I don't have a single picture of me and Trevor together doing any of the fun things we did on this trip! I did try once, when we were watching a movie, but of course that didn't turn out. It just makes me sick. I guess there is always tomorrow.

Anyway...we had a great time at Bass Pro. Trevor tried his hand at using a rifle. It was a wee bit big for him...

...but he still managed to get a couple of hits...

Can you see the red hit in that last picture?

Trevor enjoyed a big fish tank that had a gar as big as Daddy...

Too bad 90% of my pictures are blurry...but, what can ya do. I guess we did a lot of low-light activities. BUT, we are well-documented.

I finally had the consultation appt to get the feeback from Tim's and William's evaluations. It was good! I really appreciate that Dr. Snider didn't try to push me towards the most expensive therapies. I really sense that the Sniders desire to bless their clients. Dr. Snider said Tim's case was the most simple and straight-forward. His problems are really just visual in nature. She recommended Ocular and Vision Therapy for him.

William's case is a little more complicated (though not as bad as Trevor's). She said she could see going either way with William...either Vision therapy, like Tim, or the Sensory Learning Program, like Trevor. Since his hearing test came out so weird, it makes it hard to tell how deep the problems go. She seemed to lean toward doing the visual program, since they often see other senses improve when they take care of the vision problems. Tim and I will have to do some thinking and praying, and try to figure out what is the best thing to do.

I'm still not seeing much change with Trevor (will I ever know whether his silliness and OCD fits were therapy related?). Dr. Snider says that is really okay...that as we do the home light therapy for the next 18 days we may see some change. And she said that the Sensory Learning Program that we are doing now is really our foundation for whatever therapies we move to next. Once we are done with the home therapy part, we will wait about a month, and then come back to have another evaluation and see what progress Trevor has made. I am already eager for that.

We have certainly done lots of work the last 2 weeks, but also had LOTS of fun. I was super-ready to leave home 2 weeks ago, but now I'm ready to get back. (Well, when I think of all my responsibilities that I am going back to, I do waver a little...)

The next blog I write will be from home-sweet-home! Yippie!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Wow. 2 days to go!

No pictures today...Trevor is sick, and we laid low today. Last night was a doozie. Trevor was up maybe 5-6 times, gasping for air. One other time when he had a cold, he had some wheezing problems. Maybe this is similar? It seems kind of like croup, without the cough.

This morning, I called a friend of mine, and she called us in some medicine and an inhaler. I can't believe my kid has an inhaler. We are very clumsy with it...most of the time when we spray it, Trevor catches the spray in his mouth, closes his mouth and breaths in through his nose. It's pretty funny. We do a lot of practicing, with me making pretend tsht sounds, and him sucking air. He hasn't had any problems today, but now that he is in bed, it is acting up a little again.

My friend said that sometimes colds or flu can induce asthma...I need to learn more about that.

So, after our morning session, we just came back to the Pop B and Linnie's house and played games until it was time to go again.

After his afternoon session, he seemed to have another OCD flair-up again...but we prayed about it, and then were able to move on.

Trevor must be in Trevor-heaven. He had tacos for dinner for the 3rd night in a row, and then we watched another movie. That kid has had tacos at least 6 times in the last 10 days. And tonight he was only willing to eat a second taco after he was confident that we wouldn't run out of shells, and he could have one tomorrow night, too.

I think the main prayer request tonight would be that Trevor would stay well enough that we would be able to stick it out 2 more days, and not miss any sessions.

And that we would sleep... :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 9

Trevor and I had a good day. I had heard of a place to check out, and looked it up online this morning and saw that Tuesdays are FREE admission! Yippee! So, after killing time at the bookstore until I Jump opened, off we went!


All Trevor did for 2 solid hours was jump on inflatables.


He loved it. He even found some other little boys to run around with.

When you go in, they give you a beeper that will go off after 2 hours...then it is time to leave (or pay up for more jumping fun?). That was perfect for us...all we had was 2 hours.


It did aggravate T's throat a bit...his cold (or whatever) is worse today. He's really not feeling that great.

The last couple days T's OCD has been acting up. He's been getting upset about irrational commercial he had seen on TV (who knows how long ago?) that showed a man jumping on some toy cars. I think it was a auto dealership. He was upset because "you shouldn't treat toys that way...because toys really might have feelings..." first that just sounds like too much Toy Story 3.

But then, tonight he got upset about a time a couple of years ago that I threw away some food that he didn't want to eat. That really got my attention.

Another thing he got upset about was in our movie of the night:

There is a ridiculous scene where Steve, the monkey, is tearing apart some giant gummy bears...and it got Trevor going. It was hurting the gummy bears...

I can't help but notice that it is Day 9...and can't help but hope that this might be the predicted "regression" I was warned about. I reminded Trevor that he used to be on medicine to help with these feelings. He asked if we could take that again.

A couple of things about it encourage me though...

First, Trevor's first response to these bad feelings tonight was to ask me to pray for him. I'm so glad that God is where he looked for help. Oh, Father...this would be a great time to show him how you can deliver...

Second, his thinking tonight is significantly worse than yesterday. Oh, I hope it is a sign of something going on in his mind.

But, Trevor is very discouraged by his feelings. These wrong thoughts and feelings are so overpowering to him...he feels helpless against them. I hate that. I'm not so much praying that they will go away, but that when they come, Trevor would look to God for help, and that God will help him! I want God to be Trevor's Deliverer, not medicine, not me, and not therapy... I'm pretty open to what God might use to deliver Trevor, as long as God gets the credit. (i.e. the Glory!) :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 8

What a big day! Oof! My head is swimming with new information. Thankfully, I don't feel as drained as I was afraid I would.

In addition to Trevor's 2 therapy sessions, which went well, Tim finished his testing, and William had all of his evaluation. I got to observe again, which I love. I even got permission to take a couple of pictures. Here's one:


I wish I had the energy and mental capacity to write everything that I saw, like I did with Trevor. I'll try to give a synopsis...(but will probably wind up writing much more than I expect. I tend to do that...)

William is a smart, but challenged boy. We brought him in because we heard that vision problems can cause sleep problems. And boy, does this kid have sleep problems! I had also noticed William having trouble sounding out words, even simple ones, and skipping lines when he reads...which are questions on many of Snider Therapy Center's checklists.

Well, William does have vision problems. Although his eyesight is about 20/20, he has visual field problems, and focusing problems. Remember the gray plotting sheet I wrote about here? And remember how Trevor's peripheral vision was restricted? Well, William has some of that, but it wasn't even plottable, because he also has some collapsed central vision. That means that right in the center of his eyesight, his brain sometimes disregards what he is seeing. He could only see the "red dot" (the focus point) off and on. He said he could see it, and then he couldn't! A black hole would just appear, and disappear! So, he was having trouble keeping his eyes centered in order to test what his peripheral vision was. Good grief!

And, honestly, I thought that sounded a bit maybe William was just being a pill, and was making things sound worse than they really were. (I know, what a good mom, huh?) But get this: Tim did that same test this afternoon, and he has the same problem! He said it was so weird! When he was looking at the central red dot, it would just sometimes disappear! Black out! He says he never blacks out something in real, he doesn't notice things appear and disappear, but maybe something about that test could find that problem.

So, collapsed visual fields first...

Then remember how Trevor had such sensitive hearing? Well, would you believe it...William is totally the opposite. Isn't that just like brothers?

With Trevor, Mr. Snider would start at a medium level of volume, and Trevor would raise his hand. Then Mr. Snider would go 10 dBs softer, and Trevor would raise his hand. And on, and on...sometimes right down to the quietest sound he had. But now William...Mr. Snider would start at the medium sound, and nothing. No response. A little response. And on, and on. One time even I could hear the tone, through William's head phones!! Mr. Snider would say, "Now, listen...can you hear that?" And sometimes William would raise his hand, and sometimes he would just shake his head. Mr. Snider really felt like it wasn't a deafness was a perception issue. William's brain is disregarding the sound. I asked William about it, and he said he raised his hand every time he heard a sound. Incredible.

And then there is Tim, who we thought was so sensitive of hearing...and much to our dissapointment he fell in the normal range of hearing. What? So, when we aren't expecting a problem, there is one, and when we are expecting one, there isn't. That's just classic.

So, on Thursday I will get the "formal" feedback on these tests, and will hear what they recommend for my crazy family.

Pray for Trevor...he has a "dry, sore throat". I'm praying he doesn't come down with something. For all the running around we have been doing, who knows what he could have picked up?

Lastly, here's 2 more pictures. We went back to McWane's know, trying to get as much out of our membership as possible. :)

At the shark tank...again...



I can't believe we only have 4 more days!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 7

Well, time-wise, we are over the hump. 7 Days down, 5 to go.

Last night after our very tasty dinner, we all played Bunko! How fun is that? All the boys won prizes (which may, or may not, have been because so many people graciously held their tongues about how many wins or losses they had...).

Everyone slept well...William didn't even come out of his room one time! Yay!

I thought I would put down our schedule for posterity:

9:05 Depart for Therapy
9:40 Arrive at Therapy
10:30-ish Depart Therapy, and go do something fun!
1:30-ish Head back toward Therapy
2:10-ish Arrive
3:00 Head back "home" and chill out (i.e. watch a movie, play computer games, or play with legos.

We usually have about 2-1/2 hours to spend on our "Adventure Of The Day". Of course, they are often today.

We went to the Galleria, again. I wanted the other boys to have a chance to enjoy the Lego store. Let me tell you...taking 1 little boy to the Lego store is one thing...and taking 3 little boys (plus 1 husband) to the Lego store is something else. Phew!

We told the boys they could each spend $5...either pick out their own little toy, or put their $ together and get something bigger. What a lesson in cooperation!!!! But, with a lot of time, and some concentrated coaching, they had success. Then, ice cream again...

and the elevators and escalators...

After that, I took some ibuprofen.

We ate lunch (peanutbutter sandwiches) in the car in the parking lot of the Therapy building.

Trevor is hanging in there great. No complaints. They are adding some new colors to his schedule...and I'm not really sure what that indicates, but it's about all I have to tell. :) He was tumbling around today, and said that it hurt his head. That's new.

Tomorrow is our big testing day. Here's the schedule again:

9:00 am - William's testing part 1 (1.5 hours)
9:45 am - Trevor's morning session (.5 hours)
2:00 pm - Tim's testing part 2 (1-1.5 hours)
2:15 pm - William's testing part 2 (1-1.5 hours)
2:15 pm - Trevor's afternoon session (.5 hours)

I'm feeling pretty tired right now...I hope that tomorrow is not as exhausting as our first day of testing was.

And, here's a barage of pictures from yesterday at the McWane's Center:

The Marble Track:

The High Wire Bike:


The Build-A-Fish (for some reason, one of their favorite things):


"Pulley" Your Own Weight:


Sand Designs:


The Smoke Puffer:

A Gigantic Lite-Brite:

And a 1 Story Tall Slide:

And lastly, can you tell in the sand picture of Samuel that he has a huge gap in his mouth? Well...he lost another tooth! When they got here on Friday, he had this gaping hole! He lost it while Tim was still at home, and no one remembered to tell me. Isn't that just like a bunch of guys?? That Samuel. He says he pushed it out with his tongue.

I may, or may not, post tomorrow. We'll see how wiped out I am!