Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 4

Hello again!

I'm getting a little earlier start on this post...that feels nice. I think I started last night's at 11:00 or later.

Well, today was "same song, 4th verse..." A good day. Trevor still seems to be getting increasingly silly. I asked Tim if he thought Trevor was way more silly, and he can see it, too. But, he did point out that Trevor is more silly when he is unoccupied. It may just be a combination of a couple hours a day in the car, a strong measure of waiting on Mommy, and hardly any time apart. So, it is really hard for me to judge whether he is changing or not. (But all that doesn't make him any less silly. :)

During the morning session, I got to talk to Tami. Praise the Lord, Puppy came back! (And perhaps now I will quit calling him Puppy. At first he really didn't have a name, and then we named him Buddy. But when we decided to give him up, I didn't want to get too attached to him. But, Buddy he is, and I'm so, so happy that he is safe.) He turned up later in the evening, in Tami's back yard. He is being a good little puppy, and hasn't made a single mess in the house (or at least he hadn't at 10:00 this morning!) Father, please provide Buddy with a good home!

After that happy news, and when Trevor was finished, we let Trevor pick the adventure for the day. His choice? McWane's...again. So, off we went to show Dad all the coolest things there.

I think Trevor could watch this for hours...

He likes to pick a ball to follow, and watch it go around and around.

Tim and I rather enjoyed it, too!

We checked out the marine life again...

We discovered so many things today that we had missed earlier...that was fun. One thing was a bike you could ride across a cable...

You can see it better in Tim's picture:

We finally made it up to one of Trevor's top 3 attractions...the smoke puffer:



This was sweet...Tim wrote "Trev" in this thing-e-mijiger, and then Trevor wrote...

"Mom" Aawwww....

Trevor enjoyed taking Tim for a ride on the bed of nails...

We had fun playing with an Electromagnetic Field...

And then we found a new favorite...a spinning wheel for making designs.

You drag a stick through some sand to make designs...

Both the guys enjoyed that.

It sure was different having Tim along. I enjoyed playing "historian"...which was easier since I already got to play with most of these fun things earlier this week!

Now we are back "home"...Tim is working-out on the exercise equipment, and Trevor is playing army computer games with Pop B. I think Linnie is planning on making Tacos for dinner...Trev's favorite. Then maybe we can watch a movie, and make it to bed at a reasonable time!

Thanks so much for the prayers, everyone. Although we are weary, we feel God sustaining us, and blessing us with little joys. It's fun to have Tim here, to smile at one another over Trevor's head. What a goofy, sweet little boy.

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