Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Wow. 2 days to go!

No pictures today...Trevor is sick, and we laid low today. Last night was a doozie. Trevor was up maybe 5-6 times, gasping for air. One other time when he had a cold, he had some wheezing problems. Maybe this is similar? It seems kind of like croup, without the cough.

This morning, I called a friend of mine, and she called us in some medicine and an inhaler. I can't believe my kid has an inhaler. We are very clumsy with it...most of the time when we spray it, Trevor catches the spray in his mouth, closes his mouth and breaths in through his nose. It's pretty funny. We do a lot of practicing, with me making pretend tsht sounds, and him sucking air. He hasn't had any problems today, but now that he is in bed, it is acting up a little again.

My friend said that sometimes colds or flu can induce asthma...I need to learn more about that.

So, after our morning session, we just came back to the Pop B and Linnie's house and played games until it was time to go again.

After his afternoon session, he seemed to have another OCD flair-up again...but we prayed about it, and then were able to move on.

Trevor must be in Trevor-heaven. He had tacos for dinner for the 3rd night in a row, and then we watched another movie. That kid has had tacos at least 6 times in the last 10 days. And tonight he was only willing to eat a second taco after he was confident that we wouldn't run out of shells, and he could have one tomorrow night, too.

I think the main prayer request tonight would be that Trevor would stay well enough that we would be able to stick it out 2 more days, and not miss any sessions.

And that we would sleep... :)

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