Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 3

Oh Me, Oh My. Another day done.

Session 1 (or rather, Session 5?) went well, as usual. I mentioned to someone on the phone today that I thought Trevor wasn't enjoying the therapy as much as he thought he would, but he corrected me...he is enjoying it. He always comes out squinting into the bright light of the waiting room, messy-haired and smiling.

After the morning session, we headed to the Galleria...a big, fun mall with a Lego store. And, now that Tim is here, and I have a camera cord, I can show you pictures! (more on Tim later...)

Here's Trevor at the Lego store, with a bucket of Legos that he picked from the Pick-a-Brick wall.

We spent a good hour at the Lego store...then, on the the escalators...

...the ice cream store...

(And there you see the most prominent side of T-man lately...the silly side. He is, I think, becoming more silly, more wobbly, and more crazy with every session. It may just be me, but they do say that things can get worse before they get better. At least he is mostly happy. And here, I must further digress...sorry. This morning, Trevor did have one little melt-down. He got frustrated about something, and he just couldn't recover. He sat in my lap and cried for awhile. I asked him what he was so sad about, and he didn't even know. I think that is due to the therapy. It's doing something...)

(Umm...just looked up the work "prominent" to make sure I spelled it right...which I hadn't...and here's the online def:

standing out so as to be seen easily; conspicuous; particularly noticeable

YES, that was Trevor today at the mall. Prominent.)

And we also rode the shiny elevator!

After all that, (wait, I have to say that I got to go to Bath & Body Works, and get me another tube of C.O. Bigelow® SPF 15 Mentha Lip Balm Stick (No Shine Formula) ...something that Kim gave me, and I just ran out of. It is my FAVORITE!)we went to the afternoon session (#6), and then ran to the store while we waited to Tim to get here.

What about the other boys, you ask? Good question!

What I didn't mention yesterday is that Tim came up early to have his own little evaluation at the Sniders. They had an opening, and after all our joking about Tim getting tested, we finally got serious about it. Sharon offered to keep William and Samuel for a couple days, instead of us dragging them all around town for 5 days, and then she will bring them 1/2 way to us on Friday.

So, Tim got here, and had his first half of testing. Trevor and I sat in and observed, and it was so fun to watch. (Actually, only I watched...Trevor played on Tim's blackberry the whole time.)

Tim has some vision issues that we never really had thought about, or noticed enough to worry about before...that is, we didn't think about them until all this came up with Trevor. When we went through the checklists of symtoms, Tim noticed that he had some. With that, and with his seemingly sensitive hearing, we brought him in.

Turns out, Tim has "convergence" issues...which I'm too tired right now to go into just means that he has trouble using his eyes together at near distances...and his eyes really have to strain while reading or doing other close things. That leads to fatigue. This is something they can correct.

Tim will have the other part of his testing on Monday.

Just for kicks, here's our monday schedule:

9:00 am - William's testing part 1 (1.5 hours)
9:45 am - Trevor's morning session (.5 hours)
2:00 pm - Tim's testing part 2 (1-1.5 hours)
2:15 pm - William's testing part 2 (1-1.5 hours)
2:15 pm - Trevor's afternoon session (.5 hours)

Makes my head spin. Oh well, we'll worry about that when it gets here.

After Tim's testing finished at 6:30 pm--it started at 4:20!--we were getting ready to leave when Tami called. Tami kept William and Samuel for the afternoon, as well as consenting to keep the puppy while Tim is out of town (for 5 days!!!). Tami had bad news...Puppy ran away just after dinner. He played all day in the yard with their other dog, and then just left. So, we cried about that together on the phone...both of us mostly feeling sad for the other one, I think. So, people, maybe we need to be more specific in our prayers?? A new home for Puppy is too vague...I was thinking of a new home with someone I trust and know. I wasn't picturing losing him. I can barely keep myself from imagining him curled up, trying to keep warm in the dark...

Enough! I just can't handle thinking about it. All I can do is pray that God will do what is best, with my pitiful little request that he take good care of that little dog.

To lighten things a little, here are some pictures from yesterday at the McWane Center:





Okay, I am one tired momma. Pray for Puppy, for Tami, for Sharon and Larry with the boys, and for us!

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