Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 is over. Trevor is in bed, one tired little boy. We had a great day, though. His sessions went well. He always comes out and reports how many songs he liked. That's really all he says about it. I don't think I can really tell any difference. I notice that he has been very silly...but that is typical of Trevor. He called Tim this afternoon, to tell him about our day, and they had a really nice conversation - sans silliness. That was nice.

We spent our free time today at the McWane Science Center. I found coupons at the Visitor's Bureau...free admission for a child with an adult ticket purchase. (Could have called them ahead of time, and had them mail them to me, but, oh well.) The McWane Center has 4 floors of hands-on activities for kids. Highlights:

~Petting the sharks and stingrays in the the touch-tank. (More specifically: Bonnethead Sharks [feel like smooth rubber], White Spotted Bamboo Sharks [feel like sandpaper], Cow Nosed Stingrays [feel like slippery rubber], and Atlantic Stingrays [feel like slimey rubber]. If you ask Trevor, all these details will be presented :)

~Watching the Giant Marble Track

~Playing with magnets

~Laying on a bed of nails

~Making smoke puffs. (Not really sure how to explain that activity, but it was one of T's favs.)

We spent the time between sessions there, grabbed a quick lunch in the car on our way to session 2, and went back after Session 2 was done. I was able to put our ticket purchase from this morning towards a year-long family pass...so we can go back with Tim and the boys when they come up, and anytime we have to come back during the year for follow-up appts. I think we will enjoy that. Oh, and I took lots of pictures, so as soon as I have that darn cord, I can share them with you!

Tim and the boys will be coming up tomorrow, I think, a little ahead of time to just be together. That will be good, I think. We are feeling really fragile right now...and the verse in Isaiah about Jesus has been a comfort to me...A bruised reed he will not break, a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. So, I think Tim and I are just wanting to be together, which is good. I'm excited for him to be at the B's with us...we feel very safe and nurtured here. Linny (We have started to call them by their family names: Pop B and Linnie) prayed with me last night while Pop B, Trevor , and the B's granddaughter watched a movie...that was really good. We love them already. (Thank you, God, for Pop B and Linnie!)

Trev and I watched How to Train your Dragon tonight...Man...if this turns into a movie-fest, then Yippie! I love a good movie-fest. T's in bed, right now, and I'm just wrapping things up before I join him.

PS, we are looking for a new home for Puppy...maybe you can pray that God will provide? (Specifically, and nice family, rather than the Humane Society :)


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