Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 1

One day down, 11 to go.

So, here we are in Bham. T and I took off yesterday afternoon around 4:30, ate McDs on the road (T's pick, of course) and listened to Magic Treehouse books all the way here. We got in after 8:00.

Some family friends graciously offered to host us during our 12-day stay in Bham...we'll call them Mr. and Mrs. B. Their house is beautiful...warm and inviting, and all decorated for Christmas (which is a huge treat, since I only got to enjoy our own tree for .5 days before we left). T and I got all settled in (he wanted to share a room with me, and how could I refuse??) and finally got to bed around 9:30. We slept great (an answer to prayer) and woke up refreshed.

We hit the road at 9 am this morning for our first appt. Our GPS/Garmin has been FANTASTIC to have along. We had to re-route around a traffic jam, and made it just on time. I did NOT chill out during T's appt...I called Tim to check in, and made other misc phone calls. The half hour flew for me, but seemed like forever for T. He couldn't believe it had only been 30 mins that he was back there. We ran to Target for some things we forgot (of course) and then had lunch at Arbys (T's choice, again). During lunch, I asked him how things went.

T said he liked 3 of the songs he listened to...I guess the rest he didn't care for. He said he likes low, sad songs (with minor chords, I'm thinking)...well, most of the songs were happy songs. He doesn't like those as much. He told me about what colors the lights were. I asked him what he thought about while he was laying there, and he said, with a duh kind of look on his face, "well, the lights, the music, and the table". I asked if he was glad when he was done, and he said "yah...the music is too loud, the lights are too bright, and the table moves too much." But, he said it was okay that we had to go back later. So, he doesn't love it as much as he thought he would, but he has a good attitude about it. I don't think he would have complained at all, if I hadn't asked him such specific questions.

Today became sort of an exploring day. We went to AAA to get a tour book (which I should have thought of doing before coming here) and went to the visitors center down town to get some brochures and coupons. We walked around a pet store.

He was ready to get back to the second appt, I think to get it over with so we could get back to the B's house.

So, here we are! Hanging out with the Bs. Mr. B is downstairs playing army computer games with Trevor. Not sure which one of them is having more fun! We really feel loved and welcomed by the Bs.

One thing I forgot to bring is my camara cord, to load pictures on the blog. (Phooey). Tim, could you bring that up for me when you come?

I guess we are off to a good start! I can see where I might feel really tired by the end of the trip. I guess time will tell!

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