Saturday, May 31, 2014

13 Years!

Just found this 3-week-old post waiting to be edited and published...going to post it as-is, just to keep things moving :)

I'm on vacation! I'm sitting with my new computer in my lap (my anniversary gift from Tim--yahoo!) lounging on the couch at the "beach". It's lovely. We are taking a week off to celebrate our 13th Anniversary!

We are having such a great time. We work in the mornings--that is, Tim works on work and I work on hobbies--and we both take pleasure in the quiet of our little condo and of accomplishing something. He is so energized by his job, and I'm thrilled to get to work on projects that I never have the time to do.

We have laid in the sun a little, and taken walks. Yesterday we went exploring around town, looking for antique shops and places to buy goodies for the kids. We wound up at a local place for dinner, somewhere that a shop owner recommend. It was lots of fun.

Mom and Dad got in last week to help with the kids while we are on our trip. Dad always talks like he's going to golf a lot, but I've noticed he's addicted to household projects. It's such a blessing to have help with all our unfinished projects and neglected repairs. Mom seems determined to show me up, and is not only doing grandma duty, but is schooling the kids, keeping up the house, and making curtains for the kitchen. Mom and Dad: We love you and are so thankful for you!!!!!