Wednesday, September 30, 2009


First off...having a little trouble with the blog... You may have noticed the ugly images from Flickr. I am trying to find a new and better way to put pictures on the blog, but haven't succeeded.

Next, William lost another tooth! While I was on my way to the airport with Mom, he pulled it out, all by himself! Now he has a BIG gap in his mouth, since the other front tooth hasn't come in yet... Very Cute.

Also, in response to the picture from Grandma and Grandpa:

Tolleson Peppers

Perales Peppers
Finally, a word of thanks to Mom from helping our morning coffee experience go from this: this:
Hooray for a new carafe!

TTFN...I'm getting my bedroom prepped for painting!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Ol' Days

These are some good ol' days. I know they must be, because everyone says that I'll miss them when they are gone. Sometimes (often) they don't feel like good ol' days. It feels like I am hanging on by my fingernails. But, then, I see all these cute pictures of my family, and I think that looks like fun...

Take this, for instance. Here we have 3 little boys playing Go-Fish. I'll have to admit that was a sweet, sweet moment in our family. They initiated the game on their own, and took care of it all by themselves.On the other side of the camera, Tim and I are in the kitchen, making dinner, trying to have a conversation over the din. When I was tempted to be frustrated by all the noise, I had to remind myself to stop and enjoy the kids. They were enjoying one another. Isn't that what we keep telling them to do??
Then we have this little picture. It was Silly Sock Day at school (during "S" week). One tall white sock, and one short black sock was about as silly as we could come up with, since I forgot to remember until we were walking out the door. >>Back in the house. >>Take off the shoes. >>Rumage for "acceptable" socks. >>Put the shoes back on. >>Re-head out the door. PAUSE. Take a picture = enjoy the moment that my last 4-year-old has his once-in-a-lifetime Silly Sock Day.

Again, here are some more cute-looking pictures:

Don't the boys look like they are having fun?
Really, though, does any mom want her kids having fun in a shopping cart in Wal-Mart???
Again...STOP. Take a picture. Remember to enjoy my kids. They are precious! They won't fit in a shopping cart forever.

Labor Day
Sometimes, these do feel like Good Ol' recently when we had a Tolleson Family Reunion. We headed up to Lake Eufaula where Tim's Aunt and Uncle have a cabin. We had a great turn-out, and the boys had a ton of fun playing in the water.

My husband is a HUNK.
My kids are pretty cute, too.

Tim took me for a ride, too. It was a highlight of my day. I have the BEST HUSBAND EVER!
Sam snagged a ride with Uncle Neal...
There was some nice beach to build on, too. What a great day. Thanks, Tollesons.

Let the games begin!
After practicing 3 times a week, we have finally begun playing games. Here's the line-up:
Trevor "took a knee" while he was waiting for the game to begin. He had a great time, and got in a few good kicks.
Samuel was mildly interested.
Mom and Dad: See you soon! We are counting the days til you get here! Get ready for some Good Ol' Fun!! (we'll take lots of pictures to remind us what a good time we're having....:)