Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Sense of Accomplishment


We are getting some things done. Ahhh... It feels good to get things done.

This week we have:

~Finished tidying up the boys' bedroom.


It used to look like this:


~Made dinner.

(Uh...I know...that's not much of an accomplishment. But, I have all these pictures, and I want to try to fit them all into the theme...chronologically. I'm trying to be creative.)

Tim has been getting the kids to help him grill lately. Their job is to squirt water into the grill. I really don't have any idea why they need to do that...I haven't asked. But I thought it was cute. They take the job pretty seriously. I think we were grilling turkey brats. Turkey is my new's cheaper than beef.


~Baked MORE pumpkin cookies.

And William did MOST of the work himself. We made a whole batch, which yielded enough to share with neighbors. That was fun.


~Hung up a new (and stronger) swing.




~Went out to lunch with William and Trevor (while Samuel was at Judson's house) and then took them out to get a start on Christmas shopping. (Aaahhh!)


Mom, can you guess where we are?


~Sat on the front porch and made a pine cone wreath (with the fruits of our yard).


I had had a couple of buckets full of pine cones sitting in the carport for was nice to get them used up.


~Unpacked more boxes...

...which came out of this room...


Well, I guess I don't have a picture of the room when it was'll have to take my word for was a MESS. Some of the stuff we put away, some we sorted to get rid of, and some we moved to the dinning room. So, now we only have one room of boxes left. room that is dedicated to's almost like they breed and multiply...

~Taken family pictures for our fall/Christmas cards (which is where the photo at the top came from.

~And, just while I have been sitting here, we have lost a tooth!


That Samuel is so funny! So unlike the other boys. When Trevor loses a tooth, it dangles in his mouth for weeks. He hates pulling them out, and would rather wait for them to fall out...which they eventually do. When William loses a tooth, he whimpers about it for weeks. It just hurts so bad! Finally, he gets Mommy to pull it.

Samuel? Here's what happened this time. Last night (I think) he said, "I think I have a loose tooth." And then, just now, he came down and showed me his was 1/2 way twisted around in his mouth. I said, "You need to pull that thing!" So, he did. Pop. No big deal.


And, just because it made me laugh, I'll include some more artwork. This one is from William.


What a nice little picture. A cute little train, taking a ride through the woods in the rain. All the little people are so happy...and then CRACK! They all get struck with lightning. ??

In the middle of writing this, Tim had me check the weather for this afternoon, wanting to know if it would rain. I told him there was a 10% chance of precipitation. Our little eavesdropper, William, asked what was crispitation? We told him it was what happened to his little passengers on his train. To which he insisted that he curved the lightning, so it wasn't hitting the train. Hmm...

And, now, the guys are all going out to the park to play ball, and I'm going to knit, or watch a movie, or both! Yay!

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