Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 7

Well, time-wise, we are over the hump. 7 Days down, 5 to go.

Last night after our very tasty dinner, we all played Bunko! How fun is that? All the boys won prizes (which may, or may not, have been because so many people graciously held their tongues about how many wins or losses they had...).

Everyone slept well...William didn't even come out of his room one time! Yay!

I thought I would put down our schedule for posterity:

9:05 Depart for Therapy
9:40 Arrive at Therapy
10:30-ish Depart Therapy, and go do something fun!
1:30-ish Head back toward Therapy
2:10-ish Arrive
3:00 Head back "home" and chill out (i.e. watch a movie, play computer games, or play with legos.

We usually have about 2-1/2 hours to spend on our "Adventure Of The Day". Of course, they are often today.

We went to the Galleria, again. I wanted the other boys to have a chance to enjoy the Lego store. Let me tell you...taking 1 little boy to the Lego store is one thing...and taking 3 little boys (plus 1 husband) to the Lego store is something else. Phew!

We told the boys they could each spend $5...either pick out their own little toy, or put their $ together and get something bigger. What a lesson in cooperation!!!! But, with a lot of time, and some concentrated coaching, they had success. Then, ice cream again...

and the elevators and escalators...

After that, I took some ibuprofen.

We ate lunch (peanutbutter sandwiches) in the car in the parking lot of the Therapy building.

Trevor is hanging in there great. No complaints. They are adding some new colors to his schedule...and I'm not really sure what that indicates, but it's about all I have to tell. :) He was tumbling around today, and said that it hurt his head. That's new.

Tomorrow is our big testing day. Here's the schedule again:

9:00 am - William's testing part 1 (1.5 hours)
9:45 am - Trevor's morning session (.5 hours)
2:00 pm - Tim's testing part 2 (1-1.5 hours)
2:15 pm - William's testing part 2 (1-1.5 hours)
2:15 pm - Trevor's afternoon session (.5 hours)

I'm feeling pretty tired right now...I hope that tomorrow is not as exhausting as our first day of testing was.

And, here's a barage of pictures from yesterday at the McWane's Center:

The Marble Track:

The High Wire Bike:


The Build-A-Fish (for some reason, one of their favorite things):


"Pulley" Your Own Weight:


Sand Designs:


The Smoke Puffer:

A Gigantic Lite-Brite:

And a 1 Story Tall Slide:

And lastly, can you tell in the sand picture of Samuel that he has a huge gap in his mouth? Well...he lost another tooth! When they got here on Friday, he had this gaping hole! He lost it while Tim was still at home, and no one remembered to tell me. Isn't that just like a bunch of guys?? That Samuel. He says he pushed it out with his tongue.

I may, or may not, post tomorrow. We'll see how wiped out I am!

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