Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 6

Hopefully this will be a short post...there's plans for family fun at the Bs' house tonight. Pop B is out getting BBQ for all the gang, including their kids and grandkids that live across the street, and then everyone is wanting to play a game!

Just a little news...last night Trevor had a headache, which is unusual for him.

He asked me, "Mom? What's a brain freeze?...I can't remember."

I told him that's when your head hurts from eating cold icecream.

He said, "What's the other one, when your head hurts?"

I told him, "A headache?".

"Oh yeah, I have a headache." Poor kid. At least he doesn't get them often. Anyway, I'm really wondering if his headache is from the therapy. I bet it is. So, that's a good could mean that the therapy is doing something!

So, last night we ate frozen pizza, which the kids did NOT like much. I think we have spoiled them on home-made pizza lately. (I can say they didn't like it because I bought it, I cooked it, and the B's weren't even here. :) Then we watched Wall-E...again. That was Samuel's pick.

Well, let's see. Today we did therapy, and then McWane's Center again, which the boys all loved. We hit the McWane's gift shop (where the boys took 3 years off my life). After the afternoon session, we stopped by a Whole Foods store, where I had heard that you could get organic candy -- sans artificial food coloring. I stocked up on "clean" candy for Christmas stockings. We thought we would get milk and coffee creamer while we were there, but apparantly non-dairy creamer is too bad for you to be offered at a Whole Foods. We then stopped by Wal-mart to get our "goods". :)

That's it! Hardly seems like enough to make a blog about. I guess that is something to be thankful for though...that things are going well.

I guess we can pray for Mrs. Erica...I think she is coming down with something. I need her to hang in there for Trevor, and for Trevor to not get sick.

I'll add some pics of William and Samuel tomorrow!

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