Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 9

Trevor and I had a good day. I had heard of a place to check out, and looked it up online this morning and saw that Tuesdays are FREE admission! Yippee! So, after killing time at the bookstore until I Jump opened, off we went!


All Trevor did for 2 solid hours was jump on inflatables.


He loved it. He even found some other little boys to run around with.

When you go in, they give you a beeper that will go off after 2 hours...then it is time to leave (or pay up for more jumping fun?). That was perfect for us...all we had was 2 hours.


It did aggravate T's throat a bit...his cold (or whatever) is worse today. He's really not feeling that great.

The last couple days T's OCD has been acting up. He's been getting upset about irrational things...like...a commercial he had seen on TV (who knows how long ago?) that showed a man jumping on some toy cars. I think it was a auto dealership. He was upset because "you shouldn't treat toys that way...because toys really might have feelings..." Ummm...at first that just sounds like too much Toy Story 3.

But then, tonight he got upset about a time a couple of years ago that I threw away some food that he didn't want to eat. That really got my attention.

Another thing he got upset about was in our movie of the night:

There is a ridiculous scene where Steve, the monkey, is tearing apart some giant gummy bears...and it got Trevor going. It was hurting the gummy bears...

I can't help but notice that it is Day 9...and can't help but hope that this might be the predicted "regression" I was warned about. I reminded Trevor that he used to be on medicine to help with these feelings. He asked if we could take that again.

A couple of things about it encourage me though...

First, Trevor's first response to these bad feelings tonight was to ask me to pray for him. I'm so glad that God is where he looked for help. Oh, Father...this would be a great time to show him how you can deliver...

Second, his thinking tonight is significantly worse than yesterday. Oh, I hope it is a sign of something going on in his mind.

But, Trevor is very discouraged by his feelings. These wrong thoughts and feelings are so overpowering to him...he feels helpless against them. I hate that. I'm not so much praying that they will go away, but that when they come, Trevor would look to God for help, and that God will help him! I want God to be Trevor's Deliverer, not medicine, not me, and not therapy... I'm pretty open to what God might use to deliver Trevor, as long as God gets the credit. (i.e. the Glory!) :)

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