Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Big Orlando Trip

Since so many people ask about how Trevor is doing, I'll start with an update on him:

Trevor is doing goodbad.

"Goodbad"...pretty sure that's not a word...but shouldn't it be? I mean, I feel goodbad a lot. I know there is some great word out there that means "goodbad" but I just don't feel like digging it up. I'm in more of a make-it-up-as-you-go mood. (Mom, feel free to help me out here...)

Anyway, back to Trevor.


Trevor is still getting up in the mornings on his own. He gets up, and gets ready, and pretty much takes care of himself. Well, except for combing his hair. He hates combing his hair. But we're working on that.

Like I've said before, it sounds small to say that Trevor can get going on his own now, but, really, it is

H U G E.


We had to take Trevor off his medicines in order to do therapy last November. That has been difficult, but good. His antidepressant, in particular, is slow to clean out of his system. Over the last few weeks Trevor has become increasingly anxious and sensitive. Some of his old issues are having trouble falling asleep because he is having "bad thoughts", having meltdowns in school when he makes a mistake, and hoarding things that don't need to be saved (like pencil shavings).

That's sensitive stuff, and I am a little uncomforable putting it out there for everyone to read...but I really desire to be open and helpful for those who love us and care about what's going on, or who are in the same situation we are, or for those who want to understand more about OCD or aspergers.

(Also, Samuel is still snorting, and driving Trevor crazy. There's nothing to be done for it in the car--except to knock Sam out with an antihistamine, which we did on the way to Orlando recently--but at bedtime, Trevor has learned it's better to just go read somewhere else while he is waiting for Sam to get to sleep. Then he sneaks into his bed, and hopefully konks out. Perhaps I need to have an allergy test done on Samuel??)

So, goodbad...that's how Trevor is doing.

On the bright side, we are heading to Bham in 2 days to have Trevor re-evaluated. That is exciting. I can't wait to see the results of the 2 evaluations side by side. I really can't even guess if we will see that there was measurable improvement, or not! Also, Tim and William will have mini-evaluations to see how they are progressing.

Ahh...the fun part:


We had such a great time with my family in Orlando. We hit the road at 11:00 on 1/1/2011 and arrived in time for dinner at a CiCi's pizza buffet.

I guess it's been awhile since the kids have been to a buffet, because they were completely enthralled with the buffet concept.

Now, how should I recap a week's worth of activites, and 350 photos in one post??

Maybe I'll just give some highlights from each day.

Day 1:

Went to Downtown Disney where we spent a good deal of time (and a fair bit of money) at the Lego Store. (Kids: this is a good store to go to with GRANDPARENTS). We also went to see Tangled...and loved it. (I admit, I was skeptical about whether the boys would enjoy it, and really, whether the grown-ups would enjoy it...but, it was a hit. It's fun for big boys and little boys, big girls and..well... I assume it's fun for little girls, but we didn't test that out.)

Day 2:

Epcot was great! Boy, the week after New Years is a good time to go. Samuel missed a couple days of school, but the crowds were do-able. We walked right on to more than one ride.

We especially enjoyed:

The aqauriums in the Nemo exhibit.


The Japanese drummers (which I HOPE you got a picture of, Mom, or Kim?).

And the shooting water thingies.

Day 3:
We stayed home and took a break. The kids played Wii, and the grown-ups played games.

Day 4:

Here's some cute pictures of the fam enjoying the boys at Magic Kingdom:

In line for the Peter Pan ride...


On the People Mover...

At the Indy Speedway...


Note, there's not many pictures of William with the fam because he was glued to my side almost all day long!

Day 5:

We hit Unversal Studios Islands of Adventure with Kim and Miles (who have a great picture of the 4 of us on their camera...hint, hint, Kim. Maybe you and Mom can send me a disk of pictures once you're done unpacking-or whatever.)

That green roller coaster was a doozie.

We really enjoyed the Wizarding World of Harry Potter...

The Butter Beer was really fun and de-licious. We went on the Hogwarts ride and it was super fun and really brain-muddeling. It took about a week and a half for me to recover from that ride (plus the other 2 rollercoasters we went on). It is definitely not for people that get motion sick...but I'm still glad I got to do it. If you are a Harry Potter fan, here's a link to check out about the park...CLICK.

Day 6:

Gatorland was a refreshing break from the Theme Park frenzie.

The alligators were beautiful, and there were lots of them.



Sitting on a real-live alligator, and feeding the Budgies were favorite activites.

Fun, fun week. Thanks Mom and Pop!

It's great to get back to a I just need to start planning a birthday party! Sam's big day is coming up in just over a week!

Ahh...the fun never ends. :)

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