Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Trevor Saga 5

This last Tuesday we went to Birmingham for Trevor's re-evaluation. You can read about his first evaluation here. Once we were done with our 30 day therapy program, we took a month long break before having Trevor re-tested. I was very eager to get the results, but, alas, I feel no more enlightened now than I did before the exams.

Let's see...first we tested Trevor's Visual Fields.

That's when we chart the area of Trevor's peripheral vision that his brain is processing. There was some improvement, but his fields are still quite restricted. This is where (some) of Trevor's clumsiness comes from. I really don't know if he has become less clumsy over the last 2 months...maybe if I had been documenting every spill, trip and crash I would be able to compare better. But, since this is reality, I haven't been documenting that.

Then Trevor's reading fluency and number reversals were tested. His reading was no faster than before. I keep meaning to ask him if he understood that he was supposed to read as fast as possible...but I keep forgetting. Good news...his reversals were way better. That is, he made significantly less mistakes on that test.

Then, his hearing test...the one I was most eager to see about. Drum roll....Trevor's hearing was...Ta Da!...somewhat better. Sort of anti-climatic...I know. That's how I felt about it, too. Before, Trevor was off-the-charts in 4 frequencies (remember, off-the-charts is NOT desirable). Now he is off-the-charts in 1 frequency. Better. Overall, his hearing is a little less sensitive, but not as much as I was hoping for. Not yet, at least. It's possible we could continue to see change...though I don't understand how that works. I guess sometimes we don't realize the extent of our expectations until they go unmet, eh?

(expectations...that reminds me of sitting in marriage counseling with Tim, and our pastor asked us what kind of expectations we had for our marriage. I'm pretty sure I said I didn't have any. And I'm pretty sure I remember the pastor raising his eyebrows and asking, was I sure about that? Seriously...who was I kidding? Of course I had expectations...which, incidentally, have been exceeded in every possible way. So, I'm thinking I'm not very good at "reading" myself...Ahh...blissful ignorance.) was the "brain timing" test (the one where you clap and try to stay with the signal), which I thought Trevor did much better with...but we forgot to cover that in the evaluation meeting. SO, that wasn't too helpful yet.

Then the eye exam with the Dr...which, as with the last time we tested, I don't have much to say about. I cram down so much information during that exam that I just don't know where to start. Basically, it showed that Trevor's vision was about the same as before.

So...they were able tell me that there were some changes here and there...which is about what I knew already.

I do see a connection between the brain-timing test and Trevor's new get-up-in-the-morning-skill. One of the things that this test reveals is planning skills. Trevor's improvement on that test matches his improvement in the mornings getting ready for school.

My Conclusion:
We really need God's wisdom and guidance as we consider how to move forward. The Sniders suggest that we do an intensive home-based vision therapy program which could last the better part of a year. It is hard to be excited about that when we are still feeling a little let down by the first part of the therapy. While Trevor has made some progress, for which we are very thankful, he didn't make as much as we hoped.

Tim and William are still plugging away at their therapy. We had them retested...Tim's still making some progress, though less than the first couple weeks, and William still showed no progress. This will be the last 2 weeks of that therapy...progress or no. Both guys got a new color of light. If this doesn't do it for William then all that is left to do is the Sensory Learning Program, like Trevor did. Can you guess how eager we are to start that again?? Ha ha. Not too eager. Oh, pray the Lord would lead us clearly! Who knows, but He alone, whether more therapy will produce results? We are weary of this struggle, but are hanging on to hope!

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