Monday, May 25, 2009

Rainy Day After Rainy Day...

Mystery Picture!
Can you guess what this is a picture of?? Read on (and on) to find out!

We have had lots of rain lately. It rained almost all day Saturday and Sunday, and off and on Monday and Tuesday, which is great, I know, for our yard and garden--not to mention all the farmers. But it has made the boys restless. I guess that is good for me in a way, though I wouldn't wish for it often. I have had to be a little more creative. We have done "moon sand" (pretty much like sandy play doh = messy, but fun for kids), finger painting, reading hour at the book store, play area at Chick fil A, and today, we made our own erasers. That was a hit! I had picked up this little pack from Target months ago on clearance, and stowed it in my closet for a "rainy day".

Here's Trevor making one of his erasers

Aren't they cute? I think the boys did a very good job. (And I have to admit, I made some too. It's just too much fun to resist. I did the bird, and some of the balls-which have multiple colored layers (oooh)- and I helped with the blue thing (which is a whale)). William made the spotted lizard and the bulgy eyed frog, and Trevor made the diamond backed rattlesnake. Samuel made the "bone" (can you guess which one that is??) and the stumpy, colorful "snowman". When they were all shaped, we baked them in the oven, and they hardened up. They really work!

On to other events...Aunt Kim left some fun little wind-em-up airplanes for the boys, which interested all the testosterone-filled side of the family.
Here's a tutorial: 1) Wind it up...
2) Calculate your trajectory...
3) Line it up (while holding the propeller)...4) Let it go!

5) Collect it from its glorious final destination:
We had an audience:

After awhile, the guys started to get creative. Here's their version of a "biplane"...
Hey, why not a "triplane"??
* * * * * * *

Here's a blip about our garden. There's tomato plants on the left, and a few pepper plants scattered around. We also have 3 or 4 carrots in there. One carrot had leaves growing up about a foot and a half. Since we were having a tasty salad for dinner, we thought we would just pull that sucker and slice it up! I documented:

Can you see it?? It turned out to be about 1 inch long. What's up with that??? If you haven't tried it already, you can click on the picture and it will pop up in another window a bit bigger. Maybe then you can see the carrot (not that it deserves any more attention than it has already received).

And now, to reveal the mystery picture:
Oh, maybe you still can't tell what it is?? I understand. Here is our nest, and little mama bird is peeping out the hole. You can barely make out her little head. She has a lateral light colored stripe right above her eye, which you can just see above the edge of the opening of the house. I just looked up some info on house wrens, and learned that they like to put spider cocoons in their now I can't wait to get that thing cleaned out, as soon as may be...

Anyway, she is guarding...tah dah...chicks!

I had to use a flashlight to get that picture. They still have big, closed eyes, and are super ugly and super precious.

Last, but not least, I have something for your listening pleasure. I videoed, in the dark, the chirping frogs by the pond in our neighborhood. You can't see anything in the video but the grass as we drive by, but hopefully you can hear the frogs... In real life, they are so loud, and make us laugh and laugh.

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