Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

First, I have a little blip about Samuel's Spring Program. He did a wonderful job. Of course, the bar was not set very high...over the years we have had our children stand on the stage with a blank look the entire time, and even had them hide behind the stage. Samuel did go on stage, and even participated in some singing and hand motions! He looked so handsome, and we were so proud of him.

Here he is with Trevor back in the classroom afterwards.

On to Mother's Day...We knew we wanted to have Tim's parents over for Sunday lunch, but our plans were up in the air. You know how much I like to cook (not much) and how much I enjoy planning meals (not at all), so you can image how happy I was to leave it all up to Tim. However, you may not know (nor did I realize until recently) that I do not much like to try new things. And, you may not know that Tim thrives on experimenting. So, when he decided to experiment with our yet-unused fondue set for Mother's Day Lunch, I was put to the test. Only the night before, Tim had been talking with a friend at church (who happens to be the same Dr friend that looked at William's baseball bat injury) who mentioned that they were planning on Fondue for Mother's Day. Hmmm...that sounds fun, thought my daring husband. Hmm...that sounds messy, thought I.

The mess was worth it. Tim did all the planning, shopping and chopping, prepping and preparing. He did have to remind me to mind my own business a couple times, and as long as I did, things went well. Here's the final spread:

We had marinated steak, marinated chicken, and battered chicken. My favorite was the battered was so juicy and tender. He also made some homemade baked fries, and put out a refreshing relish tray. Notice all the fun sauces and dips...yum.

Here's Sharon and Larry enjoying their tasty meal...

and here's Tim's brother, Tommy, with his mama. Tommy helped a ton when it was time to get things going. Happily, I missed that whole part: I ran to the store to find more fuel for our fondue pot (and found a really great electric fondue pot that made it's way onto our table, too).

Here's the boys sitting at their little make-shift table (out of harm's way). I hooked them up with a bowl of Ranch dressing to dip their food in. They used their fondue forks, and had a blast.

Aww...and here's us. We're wearing matching shirts. No, we didn't plan that. These are just our favorite shirts. See my long ponytail? Tomorrow I am chopping it off. I can't wait.

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