Tuesday, May 5, 2009

8 Fabulous Years and 1 Fantastic Husband

8 Fabulous Years. Fabulous: Comes from the word fable! That seems appropriate to me. On our own, Tim and I could not make a marriage work. We are too sinful (or "two" sinful?) to survive living together without the help of our Great Helper. Praise God for his faithful preservation of our marriage!! This is not to say that we have survived some scandalous mess, but rather that we have not had to! We enjoy and love one another more today than when God called us into this marriage 8 years ago. What precious proof of God's grace and power in our lives.

1 Fantastic Husband. Fantastic: Comes from imaginings! Also appropriate. I could not have imagined a more wonderful husband than this man that God has given me. All my dreams have been surpassed. God, in his infinite wisdom, has met my earthly needs (even my hidden, unrealized needs) with this man. I say "earthly" because I still have a yawning, gaping hole that demands to be filled with love--only God can fill it, as He is still teaching me. But God has given me a taste of his love, through this husband.

So, to celebrate, we took the boys and headed out for a yummy pizza dinner--a real treat since we don't go and do that very often. We kept them occupied with guessing-type questions, like "name that movie" or "name that animal." Actually, Samuel was pretty good at coming up with questions, all of which revolved around characters, like "a pink animal that has long straight ears"...that one was pretty tricky. Finally he gave another hint, the character has one yellow friend, and one purple friend, and the yellow friend can jump on his tail. When I guessed Piglet, he said I was wrong, and that moms and dads couldn't guess, only boys. I was stumped anyway. Are you? Not a "wow-wow wubbzy" fan? Me either. The other boys finally figured out that's who it was though.

We took turns with the boys taking pictures...

I'm so thankful for my fantastic husband. He made us some tasty food this last weekend, which I took pictures of {I know, I know, I sound like Grandpa:)}...I'm looking forward to sitting and blogging about that. For now, though, I have an anniversary gift to open! And Tim does too {don't tell him, but it's a pocket-knife, again--he will keep losing them}.

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