Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Break, Here We Come!

But first, some photos from our dinner out with Aunt Kim! Kim had been dying for some of Blue Plate's home-style Southern cookin', so we headed out with our trusty "S" bag...

filled with activity books. You may have seen us with this bag, or others containing similar materials. This is a visible demonstration of our inward anxieties whenever we take our 3 bouncing boys out in public. We will continue to bring just works.

Kim ordered a heaping plate of chicken, fried okra, and creamed corn. Yum. It turned out to be a little more than she could handle. We planned on bring it home as leftovers, until "someone" knocked the take-home box on the floor, and all the chicken with it... Didn't I say bouncing boys??



and Trevor all ordered grilled cheese sandwiches... and gobbled them up (with ketchup!). In putting these photos on the page, I stumbled onto a little feature in iphoto that lets you erase "blemishes" also works good on ketchup. See their clean faces?? They look better now than they did in real life!

Now then, Summer Break! We went to bed with visions of sunshine dancing in our heads. Perhaps we should have checked the weather before we hit the hay.

Thankfully, a new umbrella helped ease the pain of the rainy day. The boys are still outside playing...the only quiet time I have had all day!

I made some cookies to make us feel better. I ate some too. Thanks for the recipe, Andrea!

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