Friday, May 1, 2009

a Home-Run OR Call me Igor

So, at Tim's game last night, more things were hit with a bat than just softballs.

The Bad News: William's head was one of them....

The Good News: He is okay.

The boys had finally found a good activity to keep them occupied during the games: playing in the warm-up area. {Perhaps that has a technical name?} It is near-by, fenced in, and grassy. I definitely preferred this to the original occupation of climbing the 15 foot tall bleachers! I was enjoying the game, when a familiar sound came to my attention. Sure enough, here came our good friend, Nick Shimoda, toting a screaming William. He was holding his head, covering up an ugly welt, about the size of a quarter. Thankfully, Dr. Robeson {Tim's doctor friend} was in attendance, and was able to evaluate the kiddo. After getting some ice, we made a in a get-this-kid-in-front-of-a-video-so-he-will-calm-down-and-be-still run.

This is how it looked last night...strangely, once the swelling started to spread, it didn't look so bad...

And this is how it looks today. Not sure if you can tell, but the swollen part is about as big as his ear. He's got a little blue over his eye, too.

This is how William feels about the fifty pictures I have taken of him, trying to get a good shot of the monster. It just never does look as bad on camera.

And, Yes, I did wake him up every 2 hours, all night long, just to make sure he was still responding well. We are now satisfied that nothing on the inside was damaged, beyond his confidence in his good looks.

God was so good to us, and we are so thankful that Igor is okay.

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