Thursday, April 30, 2009

10 is for Tolleson

...or at least for our uniforms! You know the saying:

Like Son... Father!

Here's the latest game {at least as of right now... we head out to another game in 2 hours} and the boys watching daddy play. Good thing I snapped that picture when I did, because they only watched for about, oh, two minutes.

Then, they were off with the herd. This is only a small sampling of the many offspring that were at the game. I think I tallied up over 20 youngsters at this family event. That was lots of fun.

Back to daddy, he is so fun to watch. He makes great hits...we are always rooting for a nice low drive--those high-soaring softballs are pretty to watch, but notorious for turning into fly balls. He also makes great catches...especially of the afore-said fly balls. He has put out many a man with his great catches.

Here is his debut as Catcher...

And one last little video--same song, second verse. Just my attempt to get a little better video of William dashing to first.

Post Script: We took the boys to see EARTH last Saturday. I went in to buy the tickets while daddy parked the car, and told the lady what I wanted. No luck. The projector was broken. Can you believe it! So, we took the boys to see EARTH again, on Sunday. Success. We loved it. I had looked into it ahead of time, and was only concerned about bloodshed. I told the boys that there might be some eating-of-animals in the movie, and they said we braved the unknown. I thought that the natural brutality was handled very "tastefully" {ha} so that it really looked like the animals were having a friendly rompus {as long as I averted my eyes from the plain terror on the face of the snack}. And, Mom, we missed you...this was the first movie we have taken the kids to without you!

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