Saturday, April 18, 2009

Destination: Duck Pond

William and Trevor have really gotten the hang of bike riding! We went for a little family ride yesterday, with Samuel riding a bike from Sharon's that has training wheels.
biking 1The guys doing a little pre-ride warm-up.

Off we go!! (Actually, that took awhile...once we got to the end of the street, Tim had to go back and fix a tire, then "someone" had to go back to use the potty...)

We found these amazingly huge tadpoles in the pond. Their bodies were about the size of a golf ball!!

The ducks didn't stick around too long, and we got to have fun feeding the turtles...Did you know that if you are sneaky, you can reach out and pet them? Yep. Thankfully, no one fell in.

And here's the main point: the pictures of the kids...

Was he mad about something??

And this is how we went home. Not far into the ride, we discovered we had failed to train Samuel to ride a bike, and the whole "braking" trick was a little too much for him. (Sorry there are no pictures of the near-wrecks that Sam and I had on the way there...Needless to say, there was some shrill screaming involved. The ride home was much better. :)

All in all, it was a success!

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  1. Incredible! What a feat. Tim is obviously very stable on his bike...I'd fall over if I tried to grab someone's handle bars! They grow up too fast...