Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Easter Egg Painting Event

Aahhh...Saturday morning. I love waking up with Tim actually still in bed, knowing that I have the day ahead of me to get some things done. This morning I got up thinking, What am I going to blog? Already, last night, I almost made us late to William's T-ball game, because I was blogging. That's one of the reasons I haven't started before now: time. BUT...I have pictures!! How can I let everyone see them?? Perhaps a blog?? Well...We'll give it a try.

Following will be some pictures of our Easter Egg Decoration Event! First, the background:

We had seen a Reading Rainbow video {these are oft-forgotten treasures, are they not?} that documented the art of Ukrainian Egg decorating. The eggs were beautiful! The kids were enthralled. They had to make some themselves. {I tried to find an authentic-looking site, but unfortunately, it seems that old Ukrainian women do not blog. You can look at this website has some interesting diagrams.}

On the video, the woman used a little home-made looking tool called a kistky {which apparently Michael's and Wal-mart have not discovered}. So, we made our own tools {out of bamboo skewers, heavy tinfoil {for real!} and craft wire}.

First, you put a little wax {I cut a left-over Christmas Eve candle into chunks} into the metal funnel. Then, you heat the wax over a candle.

Then, quickly draw on the egg with the melted wax. Each time, you can get about 1/4 - 1/2 inch of a line drawn. It takes some patience.

After you have a design, you dye the egg. Then, do some more design, and dye again, with another {darker} color. This can be done numerous times, with each layer of wax covering a different color.

Samuel is doing some fancy dyeing...

You can see that Trevor's egg is getting darker...

Then, when you feel you are finished, you warm the egg next to a candle, and use a towel to rub off the wax as it melts.

TaDa! Here's our finished eggs!

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  1. Let me guess- yours is the perfect looking one with the flowers, right? Remember those leaf sugar cookies we made and mine looked like they were tye-dyed and yours were perfect fall colors? And which ones did the boys pick to eat?? :)