Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Trevor Saga 2" & Crash

(Before I get started...I'm really wanting to keep up with the "Therapy Ordeal", which I will call the "Trevor Saga"...but since it will be getting mixed in with other family things, I will try to use my titles to help keep it organized...)


Happy October 30th!


October 30th?

Perhaps it is because I have not finished my metamorphosis from "northerner" to "southern-belle", or perhaps it is because I'm super-out-of-touch with the world, but I was * tOtaLlY CoNFusEd * yesterday when people were talking about trick-or-treating tomorrow.

And Boy, I tell ya, I felt pretty ignorant when I found out that the WHOLE TOWN had a plan to MOVE HALLOWEEN...and I had no idea! Now that I know, I have looked it up online, and I see that our town and all the towns around us have posted their "official Halloween hours". Is this common?

Well, now I just have to adjust to the plan. I'm a slow adjuster. So in trying to be well-adjusted, I say "Happy Halloween".

Enough of that silly business.

We went to see Trevor's Psychiatrist this week...(and now let's just let that 8 year old has a psychiatrist. That is just contrary to all that is good and right.)...and updated him on all our plans. When I told him about our evaluation and therapy plans, he was politely skeptical. He did try to encourage me that it was good for me to care about Trevor and seek solutions for our problems...but he also tried to make sure I wasn't getting my hopes up. He fully expects that we will be back in his office with no changes at all. That's not to say that he has experience with this therapy program, and has seen discouraging things...he actually hasn't even heard of it at all. Well, I pray that our upcoming therapy will give him something new to consider.

While there, we made our get-off-the-medicine plan. I had already been giving Trevor half-doses of his meds for a week, and the Dr. said we could quit cold-turkey. So, we did! So far, so good. Trevor has been pretty goofy, but that is normal. I mean, for Trevor. That is normal for Trevor. :)

I called and scheduled our big trip to Birmingham. We will leave Nov. 28th, and do therapy from Nov. 29th to Dec. 10th. Wow. Mom was just reminding me that that means I'll be gone those days (that should be obvious, but often the obvious escapes me), and we'll get back right in the middle of Christmas season...I'll have a ton to do when I get home. Maybe I can try to get as much done as I can before we leave...

Let's see, what else?

Oh, an update on the Triops. They have lived the good life, and now they are done. Short-lived little creatures, aren't they? I guess they lived about 4 weeks...or at least one did...they've been expiring one by one for a while now.

We did enjoy watching them, though.


Our last one grew to be about 1.5 cms. He bit the dust when he had molting-malfunction.


Here's one last little story...

The other night I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, and I heard the most awful crash. Let me see if I can remember what went through my head...probably something like:

Maybe someone threw a stack of dishes down the stairs?
Maybe someone rode their bike through a window?
Maybe there was some sort of electrical explosion?

It's really amazing how fast thoughts can fly! And it's really amazing what a big noise a little glass can make.

I ran toward the crash, with Tim on my heels, and noticed William out the front window. Oh, it makes me laugh. There was William, looking up at the window, with his hands over his mouth, and his eyes as big as saucers. HOW I wish I had had my camera.


That there hole decorating our front window is about the size of my fist. "Someone" was throwing rocks...and apparently not in the right direction.


Guess we'll add "repair the window" to Tim's to-do list.

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