Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tree Climbing and Spy Glasses

Aahhh...It is (finally) nice outside! We have really been enjoying playing, working, eating and hanging-out outdoors. A new thing for the boys is tree-climbing!


We have all these really great trees at the new house...but I guess with all the oppressively hot weather, the boys just hadn't thought of climbing. But, hooray for homeschool...our curriculum plans for a "nature walk" each week, and it got us outdoors. We have been keeping a nature journal, and each week we sketch a tree from our yard. This week was Trevor's turn to pick a tree, and he picked a Magnolia.


We had a great time sketching and examining our tree. (I have always been fascinated by Magnolias, but have never really had a chance to go up close and check one out. I have entertained the idea of just walking into someone's yard and enjoying their tree, but I thought that might be weird.)

Well, this time of year, they go to seed...

The inner part of the flower (the "fruit") turns color and then opens...

...and slowly drops its seeds to the ground.



Then it dries up and falls off the tree.



Man, I love how God made things!

Well, the boys did NOT spend as much time as I did looking at the trees. After looking for 1 or 2 minutes, they were ready to climb.

Can you see William in there?

As their bravery mounted, they climbed higher and higher. I think they went up at least twice as high as William was in the last picture.

William was the first to go up.

Then Trevor joined him. When Samuel got home from school, he wasn't far behind.


It has been a daily activity ever since.

* * * * * * * * *


Samuel came in from school yesterday with these cool shades..."Spy Glasses" he proudly calls them. He wore them the WHOLE rest of the day...even while playing computer. I'm sure they made everything green, but he didn't care.


When I saw his bloodshot eyes at bedtime, I had to tell Samuel he couldn't wear those glasses all day anymore... :)

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