Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Visit to Snider Therapy Center - the condensed version

We had an adventure yesterday.

Our oldest son, Trevor, has some "issues"...has some problems. Have you ever met someone who just seemed a little odd, or a way that you couldn't quiet put your finger on? That's how Trevor is. Each little problem, taken by itself, seems insignificant and silly. Like bumping into doorways. Or writing his "2"s backwards. Or forgetting instructions 3 seconds after hearing them. Trevor has a bundle of little problems, and over time we have grown more and more concerned with them.

We have tried different approaches: patience, discipline, diet, medicine, rewards, reminders... We have not landed on the answer to our problems. Perhaps there is none?

Trevor has been diagnosed with mild Asperger's Syndrome. He doesn't fit the profile perfectly, but it describes him better than any other diagnosis. What to do?

A new option has come to our attention. There is a place in Birmingham that treats a host of things, Asperger's included, with a non-surgical, non-medicine therapy program. So, yesterday we went to check it out, and to have Trevor evaluated. It was such a good day, and we learned so much that we didn't know about Trevor.

We learned that Trevor:

~has outstanding visual-perceptual skills
~has a very narrow field of "active" vision
~has HIGHLY sensitive hearing...I like to call it SuperSonic. He has the most sensitive hearing this doctor has ever tested.
~has good eyesight (with his glasses on, that is) but is not making good use of it, so to speak.

When you put all that together, it means that Trevor is very smart, but is highly inhibited in his performance. It was recommended that Trevor go through an intense 30 day therapy treatment, followed up by possibly a year or more of regular therapy. The doctor had high hopes of being of great assistance to Trevor, and has a VERY high success rate with children just like him.

We are pretty excited at the possibility of some relief for Trevor from all these difficulties. Trevor is more than pretty excited. He can't wait to get started.

Along with all the testing, we were able to enjoy our time away with each other and had a great day...



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  1. Jill, if you are a complainer and this helps you see the good stuff, then it is really working. This was positive and faith-filled. I am glad to know this and will pray for y'all.

    Jason Keel