Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Fall Break

Fishing in the Canoe 8

After talking about it for over a year, we finally screwed up our courage, and took the Fam camping! In a tent! Out of town! And it was GREAT! (Are we BRAVE, or WHAT?)

Open Pond @ Conecuh

We pulled into Conecuh National Park last Sunday afternoon with just enough time to get camp set up before daylight was used up.

The Campsite 2

We had almost everything we could want for camping: lanterns, canoe, fishing poles and gear, cooking necessities, a borrowed air mattress...and a 4-man tent. We were a bit worried that the 4-man-er wouldn't cut it for our family, so we hit Wal-mart on our way out of town to pick up a bargain tent:

The New Tent

...we were SO glad we had it.

We had so much fun. Here's some shots of what we did.

William did the most fishing...

Early Fishing 1

and even caught one...

Catch and Release 1

It was a good call to NOT keep it, since it was our only catch.

Trevor did a lot of looking for bugs...
A "Fly"

and taking pictures of bugs...
A "Fly" Close Up

Samuel enjoyed picking flowers...
Flower for Mom

They all enjoyed hiking...
Brothers 2

and taking breaks from hiking...
The Naturalist 4

Drinking Fountain 4

We DIDN'T swim...No Swimming

Tim taught the boys to canoe...they loved canoeing.
Walking the Canoe 1

After some practice on the end of a rope, he let them go across the pond on their own...
Canoe Ride 6

And, yes, I know that Sam doesn't have his life jacket on all the way. I'm sure if there was a sound bite with this picture, you would hear me hollering, "Samuel, put that life jacket on!"...which he did. No one drowned. :) or was eaten.

They liked fishing from the canoe...
Fishing in the Canoe 4

Okay, I see that Sam doesn't have his life jacket on here, either. Well, we may not get the parents-of-the-year award, but that's okay. We had fun, and, again, no one was drowned or eaten.

And, on this line of thought, it comes to my mind another fun thing that we did...

We gave all the boys their VERY....OWN....
Pocket Knife 1

Pocket Knife 3

The boys were THRILLED...and we only had minor cuts here and there. Trevor said, "I can not believe you would give a knife to a Kindergartener!" I really can't either. I guess that's part of being the baby of the family.

Let's see...what else? Of course, we roasted marshmallows, and made S'mores with white chocolate chips, since regular chocolate is not a friend of ours, anymore. (Trevor has adverse reactions to it, like irritability).

Roasting Mallows 5

Roasting Mallows 6

I took about 300 pictures...
Second Morning 1

Everything was so beautiful!
Pond at Dawn 1

Oh, yes...and the boys spent hours looking for frogs...
Looking for Frogs 2

Looking for Frogs  4

...and even caught some...
Little Frog 1

Little Frog 4

There are several more pictures on our Flickr account, and if you click on any of these pictures, it should send you right there.

Hooray for camping!


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