Sunday, November 16, 2014

Electronics Hiatus

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!


I don't have many pictures, but still wanted you to see this pretty baby. Aunt Tami made this pretty little outfit. Wish I had a better back drop :)

Peter has been working hard at trying to sit up. He's still not laughing or reaching for things, but he does like sitting in his Bumbo more, and also in his walker (I went ahead and left that spit up there, just to prove a point).


This week Zack brought me a bracelet to wear. I recognized it as one that I keep in my jewelry box...inside my pj drawer...up high in my chest of drawers. Yikes! I walked into my room and found my hamper pushed up in front of my dresser (apparently hampers make good step-stools). And my jewelry box sitting on the floor. The lid was shut. Zack said, "I already cleaned it up!" Sure enough, the floor was clean. But just as I imagined, the contents of the box were a total wreck.

Later that same day I walked into the laundry room and found him sitting on top of our washer (which is on top of a little step, so pretty high) sorting out our battery basket, taking flashlights apart and testing their batteries!

He's three!!

He likes to get up on the counter and make tea or coffee. He likes to get into my makeup drawer and play with hair clips, chapstick, etc., etc.

But, sort of, this is great! A while back he was following me around asking to play on my phone. Or watch a video. All-the-time!

We (that is, Tim and I) hit an electronics wall a couple weeks ago. We took a week off--no wii, no phone games, no Minecraft. It was hard. There were tears. But after one week, the kids had started playing actual games again. And playing puzzles.

Then we decided to take off the month of November. This week the kids drew and traced pictures like crazy. For the first time ever I found someone laying on the couch and reading. For fun. It was so thrilling to see!

Then a couple days ago William stumbled onto this you tube channel: The King of Random. This guy has made all these videos of how to make all kinds of things--like little "guns" made out of popsicle sticks and matches. (Grandpa, I think you would be entertained by this guy. You might even be inspired!) Well, William got to work making some things. Not surprisingly, he is really good at following directions, and working with his hands. I'm so proud of the hard, careful, persistent work he has done. I would love to get a video to show you. Today, all the other big boys (including Tim) got into it, too.

This no-electronics thing has been challenging (I've lost one of my keep-them-busy-tools!) but rewarding!!

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