Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Spitter Peted!"


We are settling into a rhythm here in boy-ville. We made it to church again today, and the boys are plugging along in school. We haven't taken any more camping trips, but we did go to a neighborhood Halloween party (pictured above) and made our first trip to the lake as a family. Once again, it's been so long since I blogged that my pictures have accumulated and seem out of date...but I can't just skip them, now can I? :)

I love these: I took the the boys (minus Trevor, who was on his way to Washington D.C. with Mom and Dad) to an antique car show at Landmark Park. It was such a bonus to see that they had inflatable jumping toys!




Being super-cute (and perhaps wearing a Dora bandage on your face) has it's advantages. At the show the owner of the motorcycles let Zack sit on several of them, and even cranked one up and revved it for him!



Peter is growing like a weed. I think he is around 16 pounds by now. He eats and sleeps great.


For the record, I will say that he is a spitter. I'd heard of babies that spit up a lot, but never had the honor of growing one myself. Boy oh Boy. One of the boys had one of those word blunders lately and announced that, "Spitter Peted." There's a name for that kind of slip, isn't there?

Peter spits a hundred times a day, I'm sure. I decided to make you a pie chart to express his very fine spitting abilities...

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 5.27.30 PM

"Dabs" refers to the little spits that just dribble down his chin onto his (ever-present) bib. To clean these spits, just use the edge of the bib, or a nearby rag. These he does every few minutes, all day long.

"Splashes" refer to his medium-sized spits. These spurt out way bigger, and get on his clothes, and often my clothes, or on whichever lucky person is holding him, and then splat onto the floor, or pool on the couch. Or perhaps he's in his bouncy seat--then the spit runs far past his bib, down his past his lap and pools in the seat. These require a fair amount of wiping. Everyone is left soggy, but given time, it dries up. These he usually does at least 3 or so times after every feeding. I will absolutely need to wash all the cushion covers and get the carpets cleaned once he is done with this soggy season.

The "Total Outfit Changes" is rather self explanatory. These spits are SO gigantic and forceful that they drench us both. No amount of wiping our clothes is sufficient to salvage them. This happens at least once a day, and sometimes up to 5 times a day.

One day I took him shopping. After driving to the store, I pulled his carseat out of the car and as I did so he did a huge spit that not only got us both wet, but also splashed all down the seat of the car, onto the running board, and all over the parking lot.

It's just astonishing how much he can lose, and yet be happy and gain weight. How I can continue to be astonished when it happens daily, I don't know, but each time he does a "wipe" or larger, I still exclaim out loud. I'd love to take it calmly, but I haven't learned to yet. :)

Here's a classic "Splash." What you don't see is the towel I'm holding between my knees to mop us up. This was our first picture of our Christmas card photo shoot. Nice.


*Experts say that as long as Baby is happy and is gaining weight, spitting is not a worry.*

Other than his off-putting digestive manners, Peter is a sweet and friendly baby. He loves attention and will talk your ear off if you give him encouragement. We love him so much.


Here I think maybe he looks like my Grandpa Wilkins...What do you think?


Zack still enjoys Peter. I started Peter on brown rice to help him sleep better, and Zack likes to help feed him. Here they are on our trip to the lake...


Zack enjoys all the brothers, and likes to wrestle and snuggle with them.


This is a strange picture. Trevor likes to keep an eye on his start chart app on the iPod. There had been a solar eclipse coming, and the day it came we loaded up in the car and drove up to Westgate Park where the trees wouldn't obstruct our view. We made some little homemade viewing devices to try to see the eclipse. They didn't work, really, so that was too bad, but it was still a good adventure.





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