Sunday, July 27, 2014

Website and Stuff

Tim and I have worked and worked this week on making a new website! You can click the picture and check it out :)

A few years ago we started this really great history program in homeschool. Part of the program is creating a Timeline to chronologically display the people and events studied. I made a long strip of craft paper and started taping little drawings to it week by week. I loved it!


One Hundred and Fifty little pictures later, we have our website started to share the pictures with other homeschoolers. I hope that at some point it can become profitable through advertising or selling products, but right now it's just there to be used for free.

It's been so fun working with Tim on the website. One day we set up a little photo shoot to get some pictures for the site...


Thanks, Honey, for all your encouragement, support, and hard work!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, life kept trucking along.

William learned how to crochet!


Trevor harvested his indian corn...

Aren't they beautiful?

Grandpa had a birthday which we helped celebrate by making cards...


Here's Zack looking at his card with Grandpa on Face Time...

Also, Zack had a little life lesson about fire ants. And then he had a nice foot soak in some baking soda water where he got to play with his shaving toys...

He's such a good sport. I counted 30 bites!


And Samuel...well...I have no pictures :(

Baby is doing good...I'm 8 months now! Just 4 weeks till my due date. Wow.

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