Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Beach!

We have been waiting and waiting to go to the beach! Zack has been asking daily for at least 10 days, "Is it time to go to the beach?" I finally started crossing days off the calendar to help him see time pass.


We had perfect weather. Perfect water. Couldn't have been better. SUCH a blessing!


We went for our annual family reunion. It was fun to see everyone and get to visit some.


The kids played so well together. They dug in the sand, snorkeled, and swam in the pool. The pool was the preferred location, but I didn't get any pictures there. I was always in the water with Zack, who was SO busy!!

Here's a pic of all 4, plus their cousins, Judson and Mary Grace.



Zack wore himself out. Here he is, "not" taking a nap...



Trevor enjoyed the wildlife... He caught this jelly fish (it's in a red bucket. It was clear with purplish brown marks, and was about 4 inches across.

He and I also went out on the last night to find crabs. We took a bucket and flashlight, and just walked around. They were scurrying here and there, and when Trevor would see one he would drop to his hands and knees and scuttle after it. Here's our final catch--they are real little...about dime size.


A couple more pics...


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