Sunday, July 13, 2014

More Lake and Summer Life


We went to the lake 3 weekends in a row! I wonder if that is our fix for the whole summer? This last time was for the 4th of July. It was lots of fun. We stopped and bought some firecrackers on the way down--per William's irresistible urging. And we made all kinds of yummy food to take with us. We had a great time. The boys (especially Trevor) spent hours and hours capturing wildlife: Dragonflies, moths, minnows, frogs... We swam and boated and spent lots of time just sitting watching the kids play.




Now we are back to normal life.


We decided to do school through the summer again. It works really well for our family. Tim has started doing a bible study with the kids first thing in the morning, and they seem to love it. This was the second week, and they wanted to to do it even on their day off school. They are going through a little Navigator study that covers the basics of the Christian faith, including scripture memory. It is such a blessing to my heart to hear their sweet voices (some sounding a bit deeper these days) saying their verses. They make memory cards, and I've noticed what hard work they put into making them look really nice. I snuck this picture from the doorway, not wanting to disturb them:


Somehow Zack has gotten into enjoying "playing" wii. He has his own remote (usually battery-less) that he punches buttons on and waves around. So Friday night we had family wii time before Zack went to bed. He loved it.


Saturday we worked on putting up food. The boys helped make salsa... (for hearts...)


It was really fun to work all together! Tim also brought in a LOAD of basil, so I made 2 batches of pesto. It is so much tastier than what we get from the store, and it doesn't have any cheese in it, so that's nice for Trevor.


I am almost 34 weeks along with Baby, and will go back to see the Midwife in Florida this week. Soon I'll start getting about baby things bit by bit to get Zack ready. We have already moved Zack into bed with Samuel, so the crib is just sitting vacant.

Time to go make smoothies...

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