Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stroller Date

Zack can't talk, but sometimes he is very effective getting his point across.  The other day he brought me his stocking cap, and I put it on him, and he pulled it off.  We played that game for a little while, and he finally went and did something else.  Later he got my attention by yanking on Tim's hoodie that is hanging by the door.  Then he got me one of Tim's shoes.  It all finally made sense when I saw Tim getting Zack ready for a walk.  Zack was bringing me all the things he needed to go for a walk.  Tim takes him every day, no matter how chilly or dark, and Zack loves it.  Tonight when he was pointing at his coat, we knew what he wanted.  I got Zack ready and took him outside and set him by the stroller.  He climbed right up and plopped into position.



Isn't he hilarious?  He was actually doing some BIG grins, but of course the camera flash is too slow to catch them.

Samuel went along tonight.


Stroller Date Time may be the most peaceful part of our day :).

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