Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home


We're finally here! Hooray! We've been busy moving, unpacking, and sprucing up...


The kids have been helping...


And it's a good thing they're helping: we're need all the help we can get. It took Tim and William most of the evening to mow half the yard...

Mowing the Meadow

HELP is something we have not been lacking. In addition to the many tasty meals that have been brought over, we also had help on moving day! Here's pictures of some of the help we had moving last Monday. I'm not sure even half of the helpers are pictured...

Tiffany, Joe, Brannon

Loading the trailer

Ann and Ashlea

Mover Girls

Larry helped work on the columns some more yesterday. They are really coming along!


And I hired help to move the piano, to the relief of MANY.

Piano Movers

We are beginning to feel a little settled. Every day there are more empty boxes to get rid of. Since we are done with school now, and done with baseball, we can really get a lot done.

Baseball Star

There are a few more pictures on my flickr account that you can check out if you want. Just click on any of the pictures on this post, and it will take you there!


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