Sunday, May 23, 2010

Almost There...

Moving Mess

So, I am not blogging from the new house, as I anticipated. Instead, I am sitting in the middle of this big mess.

How I am thanking God today that He tells us to take a Sabbath. My back is stiff, my arms and legs are stiff...I am worn out! All that mess in the picture above is what we carried down out of our old attic yesterday. Whoo! That was a work out.

And since we needed a place to put it at the new house, we worked on that yesterday, too.

New Shelves

Tommy called and offered to help, and brought his friend, Joseph.

Tommy and Joseph

They pretty much did all the work.


Thanks Tommy and Joseph!

Neal came and helped by painting drawers for the kitchen and master bath, and painting the cupboards in the bathroom, too. Tami brought lunch. The day was a big group effort. Thanks Tami and Neal!

When Neal wasn't painting, he was helping Tim install our NEW dishwasher!

Tim and Neal Tackle the Dishwasher

It will happily replace our old one:

Old Dishwasher

All the fun drew out the neighbors to help...

Justin Sanding

Well, at least it brought out our friend, Justin, that lives next door. :) Thanks for sanding and painting the cupboard doors, Justin!

Tim has also made a ton of progress on our laundry room.

Remember what it looked like before?


Much better now:

Laundry Improvement

And just in time, too...

Delivering the New Dryer

Meanwhile, life goes on. Samuel had his last week of school. They had a little party one day, and Tim kept the kids so I could go.

Samuel's Splash Party

Like his hat? He made it at the party.

Sam's hat

Samuel actually had another hair-raising experience last night...

We had removed our door-sized bedroom mirror to get ready to show the house. It has been sitting behind our bathroom door for a while now. Last night, while the boys were getting ready for bed, Tim and I heard a huge CRASH. Good Daddy that he is, Tim RAN for the bathroom. At first we couldn't get the door open, for all the huge pieces of glass in the way. Once we got it opened a couple inches, we could see the mess: Glass everywhere, and Samuel (in nothing but his pull-up) right in the middle of it. He had to pick up one big sheet of glass and move it so we could open the door. Poor little guy. He was crying, and dripping blood on the floor. It was pretty scary!

Once we got in, we could see that all he had were a couple minor cuts on his arm and hand, which we got cleaned up and bandaged. He was very tough, and calmed down really quick once we were there, and told him he was okay. :) He never would tell us what happened to make the mirror fall...and we're just glad he's okay!

It seems to me that he could have been badly hurt. Even the inside of the bathroom door has a couple of gouges and scrapes. I am so thankful that God protected him from harm!

So, I have been praising God today, and enjoying this little guy "extra much".

Sam at the Splash Party

We move tomorrow! I'll let you know how it goes!

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