Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

We used to drive out to a local tree farm. However, the local tree farms we have visited seem to trim the trees [and sometimes even spray paint them] until they look like a field of upside down, green ice cream cones). So, this year we decided to zip over to Lowe's. The boys were very opinionated about which tree they wanted, and we actually made the purchase in record time. They enjoyed watching the tree get trimmed and wrapped...
In the past, they boys would put nearly all their decorations on one or two branches, down low, at the front of the tree...but this year they did a good job of spreading them out. It's fun to see them gain awareness.

Though...they were still all low on the tree...maybe they were just leaving me room for my ornaments?

They enjoyed looking at all their old decorations. Here's one that Great Grandma gave Trevor. Samuel has become interested in noticing which ornaments are cross-stitched.

After the tree was done, a package came to the door...

It was Christmas crafts from Grandma. I set the boys up at their desks, and then Tim and I enjoyed some peace and quiet while they worked away.

In keeping with their theme of being highly opinionated, the boys rallied Tim to put up some lights outside. Here they are helping replace the MANY burned out bulbs...they each have a baggie of extra bulbs they are sorting through.

Of course, after a fun day, a fun dinner is a must. Tim and I whipped up several plates of finger food--sausage & cheese balls, homemade corn chips with guacamole and nacho dip, "tortilla bites" (a new invention of Tim's), and popcorn shrimp. The kids drank "Celebration Juice" (sparkling grape juice) out of small stemware cups, and we re-watched Ice Age 3. That was fun.

I hope you are enjoying preparing for the advent season also! Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel!

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