Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Peter Pan

This is Scott M. Fischer's Peter Pan
(from the book Peter Pan in Scarlet)
This is MY Peter Pan
Whenever Trevor's hair looks like this, which it does REGULARLY, I like to call him Peter Pan. He is every bit as squirrley and crazy as the "real" Peter Pan, but he's all mine, and he knows what kisses are. His patchy grin makes me smile--he's still so unaware of how he looks, and his snaggle-teeth are precious to me.

A while back Trevor noticed this little Lego set in a Lego catalog. He was so excited about it. I have no idea why. He wanted it for his birthday, which is still months away. Then, just the other day, while shopping for a gift in the toy dept in Wal-Mart, Trevor came rushing up to me, face aglow, and told me that he had found THE set. The BBQ set! His pure joy was so precious, how could I resist??

So, now we have a BBQ stand.

With a set this small...what's a boy to do to stretch the fun out as far as possible??

If the boy is Trevor, he could DRAW the set!
Is that hilarious, or what????
What is this child going to turn our to be?? He is so mathematical. Here he's got the top view, and then each of the side views, even complete with half an "M" and half a "K" on the correct bottles in the side views. CRAZY! Do other 7-year-olds do this??

In other news:

Last Sunday we ventured out to the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds for the annual fair. Our Top Priority: Ferris Wheel.

We were going to ride this Ferris Wheel...until a worker climbed up to do some "minor" repairs to make sure it didn't break down.

We moved on to this Ferris Wheel:

Here's a picture I took of the kids:
Here's a picture the kids took of me:

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