Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Love Fall!

Fall is such a balm after a sweltering Alabama summer. I was sooo ready for it too. We have done a few very fall-ish things this week.

1) Raking.

William is always wanting to earn money, so he was excited when I went out and bought a new rake that was a size he could handle. I got one for Samuel too, that was really small. Thankfully Trevor can manage the big one that Tim keeps in the shed. They all went to work in the front yard. Maybe I need to show them the money to encourage them to finish the job? So far, I still have a big pile of leaves in the yard.

2) Harvesting.

Some of our sweet friends that live out in the country, Jorge and Susan, invited several families to do a "fellowship garden" this fall. We actually planted it a while back, at the end of summer, and it is now ready to begin harvesting. So, we headed out yesterday to harvest, and also to thin some of the plants. The weather was beautiful, the plants were beautiful, and we had a great time.

Here's what the kids did while we worked...

My legs are sore today from getting up and down and up and down, picking beans, weeding carrots and pulling radishes. I guess gardening is good for the body in more than one way!

These babies turned into both dilly beans, and lunch!

We only brought home a couple of these...
And these puppies were huge!!!! Some of the radishes were as big as a baseball! No one was sure what to do with them. Someone did have the idea to try to microwave one, since it really looked like a potato. She nuked it until it was soft, just like a baked potato, and we tasted it. It was actually pretty good! I still didn't take any home. :)

This made it into our salad today, and Trevor has been thrilled about eating lunch-meat sandwiches with this tender, sweet lettuce.
The sugar snap pea plants were so pretty! We brought home a couple handfuls of peas for salads. Yum!
After gardening, and lunch, we headed out to gather eggs from the "chicken condo".

Here's Maggie getting one of the eggs.
The parents enjoyed watching the offspring run around...
Can you tell what they are doing?
Chasing sheep!! We are definitely not raising shepherds here...
3) Football.

I came out to the living room just a little bit ago, and here they all were:They were doing something they learned to do at Grandmother's house while Tim and I were in Mexico...They were doing it very quietly...
What could they be doing??

Watching this:Aahhh...I've made it. Not only will they (the boys) sit and watch videos, now they will watch football too!! That's what they are doing while I blog. It's great. Peace and quiet for me. Peace and (relative) quiet for them. AND, no one is making a mess!!

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