Monday, October 13, 2014

Zack's Birthday

Zack is 3 years old today! He has been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting....for his birthday. ALL YEAR LONG. His birthday is LAST, according to him. I can't count how many birthdays we have celebrated--sang the birthday song and blown out candles--since he started looking for his birthday. But it is finally here, and he had a great day!

Last night we celebrated at Sharon's house. He had a good time getting ready: he helped make his cake, and also helped make a humongous pan of red jello.


Most of the sprinkles wound up Right Here.


We took the cake to Sharon's and put on the candles. I think candles are the main attraction about birthdays for Zack, and this was a Very Important event...the candle arranging.



Everyone helped.


And it turned out great.


Such a sweet picture of Zack and Mary Grace...


If you haven't already, notice the Minion shirt (a favorite) and the cape tied around his neck. He wears it all day, every day. Even to the store.


He actually blew the candles out before we started to sing, and we had to relight them. He was so eager :)


Today we had Gluten Free donut holes for breakfast, and then Zack went out for the morning with Sharon. When he got home he opened presents. He got lots of fun toys.


He got his first lego set...


...and had no lack of helpers to get it built.


The boys did a really good job of letting Zack do the work "by Self". He was pretty pleased.


We watched his new Super Friends dvd...


He's super into super heroes. The Superman on the right is the new one. He sat and just gazed at them for awhile.


He requested corn dogs for dinner, and Tim made some awesome jello stars that were Super Hero worthy.


Zack was singing about the jello stars. They were so pretty and tasty.


He had such a great day. If you ask him how old he is, he'll tell you he's three. But then he'll tell you he's actually five. :)

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