Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mall, Belts, and Zoo!

That picture captures a piece of Zack that I see All Day Long. So enthusiastic, so verbal, so intense.

Before we went to the zoo, Zack and I went to the mall and rode the carosel. He chose the "deer" to ride. He was so excited! After the ride lurched into motion, he said, "I wish I don't fall off?" which is every bit as cute as when he asked, "at the zoo, will the animals eat me?"

We also had another belt ceremony. All three big boys got their green belts, which took a good bit of work, including adding Tuesday night classes. Too bad the pictures aren't better...

And now, the Zoo!

Some highlights for Zack included feeding the goats...

...and riding the "choo-choo" train!

Trevor and Samuel really enjoyed the reptile house...

...and posing for pictures. :)

William enjoyed feeding the parakeets!  He's ready to buy one now.  RIGHT NOW.

I had such, SUCH a nice time with the kids. The zoo was SO crazy at the beginning of the day, but we hung around until it started to empty, and I'm so glad we did. Letting the kids roam around and look at the animals (which had perked up tons after the crowds left) was so delightful.

And tomorrow, Grandma and Grandpa come!!!! Yay!!

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