Sunday, April 6, 2014

Garden 2014

It's gorgeous down here!!! I can't remember ever seeing the azaleas bloom as brightly! The bushes are so laden with blooms that it looks like something from a Dr. Seuss book. Samuel has brought in armloads of flowers, and brightened almost every room in the house. I can't describe the delight in my heart when I glance out the window and see him dutifully roaming the yard with a vase in his hands.

The weather and stars aligned and we were able to work on our garden this weekend! Tim took off both Friday and Saturday to try to beat the forecasted rain. What a treat that was after all the long hours he's been putting in. Here's the before:

...and I don't have an after yet. Just as we finished yesterday it started raining, and it's been at it ever since. Can't complain about that, though!!

The boys helped work on projects. Here William and Samuel are working on a frame to grow vines on. Trevor is in there sawing away on a log for another project. We got a good laugh at his frog-stance :)

We put together some new raised beds and drove out to the local organic dairy to get poo. You can just see the behinds of the cows on their milking-merry-go-round.

Trevor sat like this in mesmerized silence for a long time.

Zack was so pleased that the cows looked like his little "cowy" that he happened to bring along. "Cowy" goes lots of places with us. What a weird attachment!

Tim and Zack shoveled the poo into the garden. Zack was a very enthusiastic helper!! Those are his poo-shoveling-shoes.

William got in the poo, too. He tilled together cow poo, mushroom compost, vermiculite, and peat moss.

You may remember that I have taken the boys to buy plants in the past. They remembered, too. I'm so glad it's something they are excited about. This year we skipped the nursery and Lowe's, and just headed to Wal-mart. Once again, they cracked me up with their choices.

Trevor chose perennials (makes sense: he really hates to waste things) and vegetable seeds. What kind? Good question. Turnips. Mmm hmmm. He also got some succulent flowers for our cactus castle (which we lost in the cold snap this winter).

William went for bulbs. He likes showy things. He got bleeding heart, something with "firebird" in the name, and "sun kissed something".

Samuel also got two little succulents for the castle. For the garden he got seeds. Here's the best part. He picked radishes and beets, and also did a seed swap with Trevor. What in the world??? What am I going to do with radishes, beets, and turnips?????

I forced Zack to pick out some flowers. He would much rather have bought the hot pink, toddler-sized, plastic adirondack chair which he found and carried all around the garden center. Sorry Zack. He chose pink flowers instead, and also some orange ones.

Can't wait for the skies to brighten so I can get a good picture of our progress!!

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