Sunday, March 9, 2014

Birthday, Lamb Day, and Ripsticks

I love birthdays! It was especially fun to have my mom here this year on my birthday. Tim graciously kept all the kids (and maybe did some last minute birthday shopping with them) while Mom and I went out for the evening. We went to Firestone Pizza and had delicious gluten free pizza.

On my birthday we went to Pizza Hut and had delicious normal pizza. It was great! It's always so delightful to go out and have FUN with the kids! Then we came home and watched the Princess Bride! It was the first time for the kids, and they laughed a lot. So fun!

Saturday we went to the Lamb Days at Gaucho Farms. Zack had been moping around the house, but when I asked if he wanted to go to a farm, he yelled YES!!! Then he pumped his fists in the air and yelled, "We will Drive and Drive and Drive and Drive!! YAAAAAY!!!!" It was so funny!

When we first got there Zack found a dog that was so gentle and patient. Zack checked him all out...and got kissed, and loved it!

We went and saw some baby lambs in the barn...

...and some chickens out in the field.

That was a delightful time. Today was also delightful. The boys finally got their long-awaited birthday gifts from Grandma and Grandpa.


I was so proud of how eagerly and patiently they worked at getting the hang of them.

They worked in the driveway for a long time, and everyone got banged up. They were so tough about it though.

After awhile we loaded everyone up and drove to the park to practice in the parking lot. Zack, Grandma, and I hung around while they practiced.

They finally got good enough to ride up and down the parking lot without falling off. Then we rode/drove the block or so the the playground where they all spent more energy! It was such a lovely day!!

When we got home Samuel made smoothies for us!! Hooray for sweet children, for the good weather, for Grandma being here, and for birthday celebrations!!

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