Saturday, June 11, 2011

Road Apples? Or....


I've been wanting to get out and work in the yard for a while. Today, Tim and I finally did. First we planted our garden (about 2 months late) and then the boys helped us dig up a load of bulbs. In the spring, we had daffodils bloom on the south side of our house...what a nice surprise! In a couple other spots, there were plants that came up at the same time that I suspect were daffodils, but they didn't flower. Today we went out and dug up the dud bulbs, so we can move them to a better spot.  It was easy to get the kids to help when Tim told them they had to in order to play Wii today. :) I expected to get 20 or so bulbs...but I bet we found over a hundred.

It's really fun to do stuff with the boys right now. I think I thought I would never be able to say that. All those people that said it will get easier were right. Of course there's still hard stuff, but the good far outweighs the bad...most days. :)

We started school this week! I enjoyed it so much. We wanted to get a head start on the school year, since no one is going out to school and we didn't have any outside schedules to work around.

Day 1 Trevor wasn't here. He had spent the night at Grandmother's, and I had sent his work with him. So we started out with just Samuel, William and me. That actually turned out nice, since it was Samuel's first day, and I'm still feeling my way along.

Day 2 we had our friend, Jason, come and teach the boys about China. I knew he was bringing the boys some chopsticks, so we made Chinese food for lunch. It was so much fun.

The boys loved their chopsticks.

Jason recommended Ramen noodles to practice on, and it was a huge hit.

The chopsticks were "training" sticks, with a removable training dude.

The boys helped me make almond cookies, too, because on Kung Fu Panda (one of our boys' most frequently quoted movies) Monkey has a jar of Almond Cookies.

The boys loved the cookies, too. I got the recipe HERE. They were delicious.

Days 3-5 we were all here, and did regular school. It was great.

Samuel is thrilled to be doing 1st Grade. So sweet. Indi is not thrilled to have lost her seat--she used to lay in Samuel's empty chair.

I think Samuel's favorite is Math. He gets to use markers in his workbook. Awesome.

Here, William is doing his Spelling.  I used to make my own Spelling program, but that gave way to workbooks in anticipation of Samuel coming home. With Samuel home, I have to give him my full attention about 90% of the time, and when Baby gets here...who knows how it will work. Yay workbooks.

I give Trevor real books to read, and it is fun when he gets really into them.

So, we do school in the mornings, and go swimming most afternoons at Grandmother Beth's house. It's a nice summer plan for us.

Today is Saturday, and this is what is going on right behind me...

Tim is helping the boys make mazes. They have each had a turn to design a maze, while the other 2 boys stay out of the room. They hide flags--little plastic ones from their army men set-- in the maze, which the brothers have to find by crawling around the maze. It is precious.  Here's a little video--this is William's maze, so he's a "minotaur", and if he catches a brother, they have to go back to the beginning.  What a good daddy, and how fun to watch them all enjoying one another.  Wonder if they're going to expect me to do that for them this week??

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