Saturday, May 21, 2011

Almost There!

School's almost out! Trevor and William have ONE more day, and Samuel is DONE!

First day of school:

Last day of school:

Look at him wearing coat! Crazy kid. I had to make him take off his long sleeve shirt and wear a short sleeve instead. Here's another from the last day, going in to his Kindergarten Program:

He did a great job in his program, and it was so fun to watch him. Apparently you have to arrive there super early to get a good seat. I was just glad were were there on time, and not late.

That's the best my little camera's zoom would do. Each Kindergartner had a part doing something...singing, speaking, bells, or something. Samuel had a speaking part. He said Psalm 92:1, "It is good to sing praises to God." We did some practicing before we went. He has a hard time saying it all without stuttering. He doesn't have a classic stutter, it's more of a...I don't know...hiccup or something. Like this:

It is goo--ood to sing pra--aises to God.
It is good to--oo sing praises to Go--od.
It is good to sing--ing praises to God.

Poor kid. We mostly ignore it, but this time we practiced saying the whole thing with out stopping in the middle. He did it once at home. He just had one "hiccup" at the program. I thought that was pretty good, since I'm sure he was nervous. I would be too, if I had to wear that hat in front of all those people...

Afterwards we went out for frozen yogurt at the "new" place in town. Then we went out to pick up a truck that we are borrowing from some friends while we try to find a replacement for Tim's. Yep...his died. I guess his engine just locked up, and the repair shop says they have to replace it.

Yesterday we went out to Landmark Park to feel the animals. That's always fun.




Afterwards Mr. Sid quoted a poem by James Whitcomb Riley to the kids. He did Little Orphan Annie (nothing like the movie!) It was quite impressive! That's Trevor's friend, Clark, listening very intently. Wonder if I'll ever get the kids to quote like that?

Gotta work on dinner!

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