Friday, February 12, 2010

My More-Dramatic Pictures

We have continued to get snow! The boys played outside in it this morning...

...until they got too cold. Then they went to Judson's to play for awhile. It rained all morning, and then started to snow again.
Saw these on our way home...
So we HAD to try it too... (or Trevor I helped...)

Got William to take a couple pictures...

Trevor decided to head up the tree to find arms for the snowman...Made me a little nervous.
Here's me with the Nose...notice I am wearing latex gloves. :) All I could find to wear were thin little gloves that I knew would be wet in no time, so I put latex ones on top. Couldn't get Trevor to try it though...can't imagine why?
Trevor finally gave up and went inside to get dry. I had to finish by myself. I think it turned out all right.
I came inside and put on my snowman pants--and didn't feel guilty for it like I usually do.
The kids came in and started playing. I guess after Nebraska snow, there's not quite as much novelty. :)

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