Thursday, February 18, 2010

Farmer Brown & Farmer Jill

Farmer Brown

Do you like Farmer Brown cheese?
I do.
You've never heard of it?
Well...I guess that is understandable. I hadn't either...until dinner the other night.
William asked, "Can I have some Farmer Brown cheese?"
My mind scanned through the possible cheeses he could be talking about:
Cheddar? No...that's already on the table.
Mozzarella? No, surely not.
Swiss? has holes...makes me think of a mouse. Mouse...Farmer...Hmmm.

Tim: You mean Farmer Jon?

William: Yeah.

Tim: Oh, I don't think it would be very good on chili.

(Is this some inside joke I missed out on??)

Me: Farmer Jon?...What are you talking about?

Tim: Parmesan.

It took me just a second. Farmer Jon. Parma Jon. I about choked on my chili. That was too funny. I had to take some pictures.
William didn't want me to take any pictures.

Oh man....I hope that was as funny to you as it was to me. Ahhhh...I need a good laugh sometimes.

Farmer Jill
The boys and I went out to our Group Garden yesterday to do a little harvesting.
It was so refreshing to my soul.
I made the kids help pull carrots...

Ahh, blue sky...soft, rich dirt...

My friend, Suzanne gave instructions for the Rutabagas...
Got one...

Did you ever wonder how Brussel Sprouts grew??
Brought some home to cook up. Sorry, Dad...I wish I could send some to you somehow...
I think I enjoy just looking at the veggies as much as harvesting them. I got a thrill out of this beautiful cabbage...
Here's my helpers. They may have started out reluctantly, but they wound up really enjoying themselves.

Ta Da!

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